Once a firm fixture on London’s heady nightlife scene, it’s no surprise that Nick House decided to make a career out of clubbing. His company – Nick House Entertainment – boasts an ever-expanding portfolio of plush party-orientated properties, including Mahiki and Whisky Mist, many of which are frequented by the capital’s coolest club kids. His latest venture, Kanaloa, is a joint project between himself, Piers Adam, Girls Aloud wild child Sarah Harding and her DJ boyfriend Tom Crane. Offering a vibrant venue in the heart of the City, Nick’s latest offering – which opened just before Christmas – is geared, somewhat surprisingly for the financial district, towards a female crowd. The interiors are decked out in a distinct Polynesian theme, with fresh flower arrangements, lush green plants, tropical furnishings, Tiki carvings, bamboo chairs and tables, and a quaint wooden bridge. As you’d expect, the cocktail menu is rum-based, with a number of different concoctions to help you prop up the bar. Clearly, there’s no bringing this House down.
Photo: Courtesy of Nick House Entertainment
Check out Nick’s London here


Name Nick House.
Party organiser turned financial trader – reverted party organiser.
Are you a hedonist?
No, but I do try and deliver a hedonistic atmosphere in some of my venues.
There are plenty of nightclub owners out there. Why do you think you’ve become so well known?
Am I well known?
What is your favourite nightclub within your group?
Mahiki – I just love the music down there.
What is your favourite night outside your group?
The Tiroler Hut in Notting Hill.
What’s your drink of choice?
Sparkling water or Earl Grey tea these days.
If you were a city, which one would you be and why?
Edinburgh, because it’s well put-together.
What’s your preferred city to party in?
Holiday destination?
Well, my last one was in the Sahara doing the Marathon des Sables – six marathons in seven days.
What’s next for you?
Marriage and kids!


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