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Even if music isn’t your thing, you’ll undoubtedly have heard of Judge Jules. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, that is. Arguably Britain’s most famous dance DJ, Judge Jules – born Julius O’Riordan – began his career as a radio presenter on Kiss FM before moving on to Radio 1. Famed for his witty one-liners, flamboyant dress sense and expertly selected tunes, the dance floor don has become a household name here in London Town, Ibiza and beyond. Also producing his own music, there is seemingly nothing this music maestro can’t do. Hg2 catches up with the cool cat between sets.
Being the kind chap he is, Judge Jules has compiled a playlist inspired by our Eat London guide. Check it out here
SITE: www.judgejules.net

What defines your music style? Tech trance with a funky percussion edge.
What music defines your resident city? London is so mixed with its musical styles, but it’s a good thing because no matter what your taste London really does have it all!
How do you draw the two together? I’m a monthly resident for Gallery @ Ministry Of Sound, which gives me the perfect opportunity for road-testing my own productions along with some exciting new music. For me London is very much about cutting-edge music, and for up-and-coming DJs it’s a very good place to showcase yourself to the scene.
Favorite club? Ministry Of Sound.
Bar? The Bar, Ministry Of Sound.
Hotel? The Royal Horse Guards.
What kind of music is emerging from your city? Lots of exciting new music is emerging from London at the moment. The trance scene is very strong, but dubstep and drum & bass is making a huge return with more new club nights opening by the day.
Do you change your set/style according to the city you’re in? Naturally, I have to adapt to the style of the crowd and city (keeping to my signature sound, of course). This is an essential part of being a DJ.
Which city knows how to party the hardest? That’s a hard one to answer as the UK is such a strong country for dance music. One thing has to be said for the Scottish crowd, though, and that’s noisy!


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