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Jay Clarke loves to dress up – so much so that he’s crafted an entire career from his mouthy alter ego, Jodie Harsh. Harsh is, er, much harsher than Jay, with a famously sharp tongue, piled-high hair and false eyelashes so long they make the boys blush. But Harsh isn’t just a pretty face; she’s a superstar DJ and club promoter, in-the-know party planner, inspiring fashion muse and influential media personality; more than anything, though, she is a fierce self-publicist, having courted the tabloids like a pro and exploited social sites like MySpace and Facebook to rise through the ranks of London cool. Now she’s at the very height of it, with legendary club night Circus tearing up dance floors across the East End and a roster of celebrity friends and admirers to call her very own. Hg2 catches up with the capital’s ultimate scene queen for a chat and a Cosmo. 
Being one of the contributors to Hg2 Life, Jodie has kindly compiled a playlist inspired by the book. Check it out here

Name Jodie Harsh.
Background DJ/producer.
What defines your music style? Just good music – when I DJ I tend to stick to a housey, electro set. When I’m at home or at a party I’ll rock out to anything from The Knife to Madonna to Hot Chip.
What music defines your resident city? London is achingly cool, yet Londoners purposefully look like we don’t try too hard at being cool. This is reflected in the music that’s churned out here – it’s groundbreaking and celebrated yet we produce it almost effortlessly.
In your resident city, what’s your favourite restaurant? I love the Albion in Shoreditch for Sunday brunch with either friends or a stack of newspapers. Their Bloody Marys have been known to cure many a post-Saturday hangover.
Club? We have so many. As a venue, I love Ghost in Farringdon, where my monthly night Circus is now based. As for specific club nights, I love Bugged Out, Gutterslut, and the odd big one at Fabric, Matter, Ministry of Sound and Dalston Superstore.
Bar? I tend not to drink in bars, unless it’s the juice bar at my gym. I’m a member of Shoreditch House and they have a very sexy, dimly-lit bar there for members.
Hotel? My flat in Hoxton is good enough to call home in this city. The May Fair and The Sanderson have seen me and my friends having suite parties and subsequent sleepovers in the past year.
What kind of music can we expect in the future from your resident city? Dubstep is massive at the moment, and it’s starting to creep into the mainstream. It’s not really my scene, however. We’re catching up with Sweden and Holland on the house music production credentials, and we have a great repertoire of new ‘wonky pop’ – Florence + The Machine, La Roux, Frankmusik, Little Boots, MPHO, etc.
Do you change your set/style according to the city you’re in? My set constantly changes; I alter my sets for every crowd I play for. That’s the sign of a good DJ I guess!
Finally, which city knows how to party the hardest? Ask a silly question….

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