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What do the likes of Erick Morillo, David Guetta, Basement Jaxx and Ferry Corsten have in common? They’ve all spun tracks alongisde Dean Fuel, that’s what. Arguably one of South Africa’s most in-demand DJs, Dean Fuel has honed his craft on the city’s coolest dance floors to become don of the decks; if his signature blend of house, electro, tech, progressive, trance and techno doesn’t get you on your feet, nothing will. As well as compiling a Johannesburg-inspired playlist for us, Dean also took time out of his party-hard schedule to answer a few hedonistic questions.
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Name Dean Fuel.
Background DJ and producer living in Cape Town, South Africa.
What defines your music style? An intercontinental blend of house, electro, tech, progressive, trance and techno – plus an ability to blend different genres and styles together into seamless mixes.
What music defines your resident city? The music that defines Cape Town would have to be the variety and choice that is offered and loved by all the various people. Cape Town – like South Africa – is a melting pot of different cultures, tastes and preferences. Some of the biggest music festivals that take place in Cape Town are the Cape Town Jazz Festival and the outdoor electronic Psytrance festivals. Niche music choice is abundant! From drum ‘n’ bass through to techno, through to Afrikaans, through to rock, to trance, to house, to alternative, to electronic, hip-hop, R’n’B and everything in between!
How do you draw the two together? The people draw the two together, simple as that!
In your resident city, what’s your favorite restaurant? Haiku.
Club? The Fez.
Bar? Asoka.
Hotel? The Twelve Apostles.
What kind of music is emerging from your city? I am mostly exposed to ‘electronic fusion music’, and this is blowing up worldwide!
Do you change your set/style according to the city you’re in? Absolutely – but more than adjusting my sets to the city I am in, I rather adjust my sets based on the crowd that I am playing to. I always try keep things mixed up and interesting, and relevant for the dance floor!
Which city knows how to party the hardest? Cape Town – no doubt in my mind!


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