Where To See & Be Seen In Paris Right Now / Hg2 FEATURE

Summer is long gone and Christmas is just that little bit too far away, so why not book a city-break and treat yourself to a little winter pick-me-up? Heed our hedonistic advice and hop on the Eurostar to Paris, home to the Eiffel Tower, stylish striped jumpers and Chanel’s chic interlocking Cs; Hg2‘s very own Marilyn McDonald has just got back from a weekend break in the City of Light, and knows what’s hip and what’s happening right now.
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Hotel Recamier
In Paris, it is all about ‘le chic’ and this hotel definitely is. Tucked away in a quiet corner of the posh bohemian area of Saint Germain, Recamier is the ultimate hidden gem. Recently revamped by designer Jean-Louis Deniot, the hotel oozes discrete luxury and feels like your very own chic Parisian townhouse.

This café-come-shop is a favourite among the fashion professionals who spend their weekends sipping cappuccinos in the trendy Marias district just a stone’s throw away. Ship for unique on-offs and vintage finds, while nibbling on delicious organic carrot cake. What’s more, Merci is cool with a conscious, with all proceeds donated to charity.

L’Ami Louis
Since L’Ami Louis opened its doors in the 1924, it has been a favourite of big power players such as Bill Clinton and Jacques Chirac. Sentiments towards the restaurant are split, with some saying it is the best in the world and others enraged by the prices. For its notoriety alone, L’Ami Louis is worth the trip. Expect heart attack-inducing favourites such as foie gras, roast chicken and potato gallette. The shabby-chic décor pay homage to its post-war beginnings and offer the perfect setting for what is sure to be an unforgettable meal.

Café de Flore
Counting famous French existentialists such as Jean Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir as guests, taking time to sip a cold glass of Brouilly at Café de Flore is just as cultural as visiting any of Paris’s museums or galleries. Now a favourite to ‘le cool’ crowd of Saint Germain, Café de Flore is the perfect spot for people-watching and noting down style tips from the passing crowds.

A restaurant in the early evening, this heavily Russian-themed bar really gets going after-hours when hip bankers and their Eastern European girlfriends step in to the red den to sip vodka and enjoy the Russian cabaret. Intimidating bouncers come part and parcel.


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