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Mr. and Ms. Smith are a couple of fellow hedonists and now regular contributors to the Hg2 Blog. Their identities? A mystery. We’ll be bringing you their restaurant reviews each and every week. This week the couple brave the tourist-strewn streets of Covent Garden to review Clos Maggiore.
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Clos Maggiore, 33 King Street, WC2E
Ms. Smith:
Distance makes the heart grow fonder goes the tired, old cliché, but in my case it’s most definitely true. It had only been four days since Mr. Smith had given me a good seeing to at the Hoxton Hotel, but that particularly steamy afternoon had lingered in my memory as long as his Trumper cologne had on my McQueen dress. Even now I can still smell its musky fragrance when I open my wardrobe door.

Mr. Smith had booked us a table at Clos Maggiore in Covent Garden, just a stone’s throw from my office. With a reputation as being on of the most romantic restaurants in London, it was an apropos choice by Mr. Smith for two hedonist lovebirds such as us.

‘Fancy an appetizer, Mr. Smith?’ I asked. ‘My colleagues are away this week and there’s an IKEA Leksvik Extendable Table that has our name on it. Why don’t you come round and we can test it out for durability?’

‘Naughty girl,’ said Mr. Smith, teasing me with suggestive texts before his arrival at my reception.

Whisking him up the stairs while flashing him a stocking top to tease him, he had me over the IKEA table in no time, not even bothering to remove his Church’s shoes or Canali tie in the process. I’m happy to report that the table stood up to the Mr. & Ms. Smith test, despite a rigorous workout.

There’s nothing like hot, office sex to build up a good appetite, and by the time we made our way through the pouring rain to the restaurant we were both ready for a hearty lunchtime meal.

If it’s hearty food you’re after, Clos Maggiore will not disappoint – although true romantics should ask the waiter for a table in the inner courtyard, underneath the skylight. One of the prettiest dining rooms in London, it features hanging vines, a roaring fire and comfy upholstered seats. Unfortunately we were seated in the restaurant’s cramped anterior, rather too near to the bar and other diners to allow for post-coital chit-chat.

The Provencal cuisine is rich and flavourful and very good value at £19.50 for three courses when booked online at Square Meal.

Mr. Smith: Ms. Smith had given me the directive, “Find somewhere close to the office where you can love me up over lunch”.  Clos Maggiore is just the sort of place. Cosy, quiet and buried in tourist-strewn Covent Garden, so really a restaurant only for those people in the know. Our kind of place.

One of Clos Maggiore’ s well-kept secrets is its wine list. Being a keen Oenophile I had wanted to see the fabled List or rather wine book (more than 2000 different bottles). The list is very comprehensive, caters to all budgets and offers at least a week’s worth of reading ranging from well chosen and priced Old and New world wine by the glass to top vintage £3,200 per bottle Le Monrachet from Domaine de la Romanee Conti. The list did not let us down. A very fine Sancerre from the Loire Valley served as a fine post-coital palate cleanser.

The food. It was  a wet mid autumn day in London. One of those days that leaves no questions about the fact the long dark days of winter will soon be at hand. So we needed some real French comfort food. Clos Maggiore delivers in spades. Given the Provencal theme a – region of France noted for its rich and flavourful cuisine – the menu offered plenty of choice.

Ms. Smith opted for the light Scottish gravalax to start with followed by the slow-cooked veal belly with crisp polenta and roasted vegetables. I started with the light partridge pheasant mousseline followed by special Cornish black bream Scottish lobster with squid ink linguini and Atlantic prawns. Perhaps a bit heavy for lunch but, given the previous hour’s exertions, much needed.

Ms. Smith finished with tiramisu, one of her all-time favourites, while I ordered the European Artisan cheese course.

The meal delivered on all fronts. Soul-warming, romantic atmosphere and good value for money. Another ‘blissed out’ afternoon for Mr. and Ms. Smith. Highly recommended.


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