The Ice Queen Cometh / Hg2 FEATURE

Ski season is finally here, and to celebrate Hg2 presents our edit of the best ski clobber out there. While we can’t ensure your skills on the slope are super-sharp, we can ensure you look the part.
Read more about Hg2’s forthcoming ski guides here

The Accessories; Chanel Ski
While serious skiers wouldn’t be seen dead in Chanel Ski (come on, did anyone take Victoria Beckham seriously when she was decked out head-to-toe in the stuff?), those who are more about style than snow will love this chic collection. While the skis, poles and full-on ski suit may be a little much for most, new for 2010 are slightly more subtle accessories. Like these snappy glasses, for instance, which add a sharp design edge to your ensemble without going outrageously overboard.

The Skis; Zai For Bentley Skis
Slicing through the snow in style is of paramount importance when on the piste, and nobody knows this better than the team at Switzerland-based design firm Zai. Having teamed up with Bentley Motors to produce a limited-edition set of skis, the collaboration will have even amateurs looking awesome. Aimed at true aesthetes, the skis are made from carbon fiber, reinforced thermoplastic, natural rubber and chrome steel for a pair that really tear up the powder. While they may not come cheap at £5,900, a pair of suitably swish ski poles are thrown in to the deal, too.

The Snowboard; Paul Smith For Burton Snowboards
Quintessential Brit designer Paul Smith has teamed up with Burton Snowboards to create a super-sleek selection of skiwear and equipment fresh for 2010. While the range spans everything from boards to clothes, the undisputed crowning glory of the collection is the Burton Vapor Board; featuring Smith’s signature stripes and Burton’s instantly recognisable logo, the glossy board couldn’t be any more pleasing on the eye. And according to Smith, it’s good on the slopes, too, with NASA-inspired engineering that makes it one of the lightest boards on the mountain.

The Gadget; The Rock By Linde Werdelin
This piece of gorgeous gadgetry is designed by Linde Werdelin (who we’ve teamed up with on a range of high-end ski guides – see last entry), and will help even the most seasoned skier navigate their way through the mountains safely and securely. Designed to attach to the top of a Linde Werdelin watch, the instrument – dubbed ‘The Rock’ – captures a whole day’s experience on its interface and is a must-have for those serious about navigation.

The Clothes; RLX Ski by Ralph Lauren
There’s only one designer to go to when you’re after posh preppy ski style, and that’s Ralph Lauren. Its RLX Ski line is one of the best in the business, and this fluorescent yellow jacket will certainly ensure you stand out against a beautiful backdrop of pristine white snow. Incorporating fleece paneling, mesh vents and architectural collaring, it keeps out the cold and makes those who wear it look cool as ice.

The Guide; Linde Werdelin Ski Guide
We couldn’t do a round-up of the ski seasons must-haves without including the ever-so fabulous Linde Werdelin Ski Guide; having teamed up with the luxury watch-and accessories designer on its latest range of guides, Hg2 has been working hard to pad out its content and add our signature hedonistic style. Incorporating the swankiest resorts in France, Italy and Switzerland, the guides are available will be available to buy at in print and in digital versions from the beginning of December.


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