Let It Snow / Hg2 MUST-HAVE

Ski season is upon us, and there’s so much sexy ski equipment out there we don’t know what to buy first. But we’ll happily start with an Infiniti-Volant limited edition ski pack. As part of a cool collaboration between luxury Japanese car manufacturer Infiniti and Austria-based ski equipment maker Volant, each pack includes a set of sexy skis plus support bars to attach them to your car. After all, there’s no point in having skis unless you can lug them up the mountain. While they certainly don’t come cheap at €2,300 a pop, each set of skis do come engraved with the your name upon delivery. A priceless touch, in our eyes.
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Hg2 | A Hedonist's Guide is a luxury city guide series coveted by travellers who value both style and substance when it comes to soaking up a city. Irreverent, inspired, and, above all, intelligent.

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