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Hotel Le Bristol is one the the poshest places to catch forty winks in Paris, so it makes sense that the hotel’s new pet – Fa-raon the cat – is something of a posh puss. Majestic in looks and stately in gait, the stylish Sacré kitten has become something of a celebrity among the hotel’s well-heeled guests, with everyone who’s anyone having a stroke of her sumptuous white fur. Hg2 sat Fa-raon down (on our collective lap) to talk about the city – and the hotel – she calls home.
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Name Fa-raon the Cat.
Favourite city Paris, of course.
Why? Because it’s where I was born and live. It’s the best city in the world, and I’ve never actually been anywhere else.
What are your favourite venues in Paris? Fine-dining restaurants; Le Bristol for its delicious gastronomic cuisine by three-Michelin star chef Eric Frechon. He’s very nice to me, and sometimes I get to sample the new dishes; Pierre Gagnaire for its refined, original and extraordinary cuisine; and Pré catelan for the white dining-room (it matches my fur) and for its big garden, where I can do what I want like play with the birds. Bistro-style restaurants; L’Ami Louis because of its traditional French cuisine; Fontaine de Mars for its family-friendly and jolly atmosphere; and Chez André for its lively and traditional cuisine on the Champs Elysées, right next to my house. Trendy Restaurants; 114 Faubourg  at Le Bristol for its authentic cuisine and unusual floral decor; La Société – very trendy; and Pershing Hall for its ambience as well as its vertical garden, which I love to climb. Bars; L’Alcazar for its ambience and consistently great music; Bouddha Bar for its cosy atmosphere and warm sofas where I sleep very well; and Le Bound for its superb cocktail list. Clubs; VIP Room because I can dance all night long with celebrities that love me; and L’Arc for its eclectic music in a fashionable surroundings. Shops: Hermès for its attractive leather accessories created especially for cats like me.
What’s it like living at a hotel? It’s everyone’s dream… Hotel le Bristol is my home – I can stroll the corridors, play in the lobby, wander through the gardens, sit and enjoy the harpist in the bar in the evenings… Whatever I choose. Generally, I like to be where the guests are, so I get plenty of strokes and attention.
You must see a lot of coming and goings; anyone famous you can name-drop? I see many of them but I can’t remember all their names…
Finally, how would you define your ultimate hedonistic night out in Paris? I’d start the night with glass of Champagne at the Bar of Hotel Le Bristol, followed by a gastronomic dinner at Le Bristol with three-Michelin star chef Eric Frechon. The scallops are my favourite! I’d then go for little walk on the Champs-Elysées to see all the magical shining lights, after which I’d go on a private river cruise offered by River Limousine on the Seine. Bliss!


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One comment

  1. Sandrine Blotenkämper

    Dear Fa-raon,

    I learned about you in a German paper here in Frankfurt, where I live. And as I adore cats, I immediately fell in love with you. I have decided to come to Paris one day to meet you…
    Keep well in your lovely home.

    Miau, Sandrine.

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