As if we weren’t already excited enough about Christmas time, Hendrick’s has given us yet another reason to be jolly. Purl London, the stylish bar inspired by prohibition speakeasies, has paired up with the high-end gin-maker to produce a drink that will leave your taste buds dancing with joy. An enticing mixture of cucumber-infused gin, hoppy ale and all the essence of sugary Christmassy bliss, this new cocktail will have you engaging in loud and ostentatious conversations about Dickens in no time. If you’re not quite brave enough to venture to the bar – found at 50-54 Blandford Street, Marylebone – then it’s your lucky day. We’ve got the recipe right here so you can make it at home. And in the spirit of the holiday season, it would only be fair to invite your nearest and dearest round to share our new secret (even if it’s just for the sake of staying by the fire and getting someone else to pick up the ingredients). As a tasty alternative to mulled wine, Hendrick’s Purl is a fantastic way to impress your guests and the perfect accompaniment to a decadent Christmas dinner.


The Hendrick’s Purl
150ml Hendrick’s gin
1 litre of good quality hoppy ale
200ml cloudy apple juice
5 slices satsuma
1 cinnamon stick
90g sugar
5g hops
2 cloves
1 dessert spoon honey
2 large splashes of Angostura Bitters
1 whole star anise

Heat ingredients in a pan. Simmer for 20 minutes then strain the hops out and serve with satsuma slices and a stick of cinnamon to garnish. Serves 6.

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