Live Fast, Die Young / Hg2 MUST-EAT

As the old saying goes, only the good die young, and if the hype surrounding John Fraser’s temporary restaurant installation in New York is anything to go by, this promises to be very good indeed. On January 25th, Fraser – head chef at the Michelin-starred restaurant Dovetail (above) – throws open the doors to What Happens When, where every month for nine months there will be a new menu, design, and soundtrack based on a different theme. The back-to-basics restaurant will have no-frills service (diners will even set their own cutlery), a simple bar cart, and a lot of surprises (there’s even the possibility of a marching band). The project is partly funded by Kickstarter, and those who make donations can even make suggestions for the monthly themes: Hg2‘s own recommendations would be appropriately hedonistic ‘Decadence’: each guest dines from the comfort of his or her own gold-plated Jacuzzi filled with the finest champagne (might we suggest Krug’s Clos du Mesnil 1995?), with a bevvy of young nubile serving wenches/muscle-bound Adonises attending to their every whim… Or then again, maybe not.
By Eleanor Rosamund Barraclough
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