It’s Never Boring At The Goring / Hg2 MUST-STAY

If you spent your childhood dreaming about marrying Prince Charming in a dazzling sparkly dress or rescuing a sleeping/freakishly long-haired/apple-poisoned/fish-tailed young lady with a good singing voice and an unnerving ability to charm the birds from the trees without them crapping all over her, then there’s only one hotel in town that you should be checking into. Come April, it’s rumoured that The Goring will be the place where Kate Middleton (and an entire wedding party of chums, both royal and common) will be spending her final hours as a blushing bride-to-be, giggling with girlish nerves as she contemplates what awaits her the following night, after the wedding cake has been cut. Many of the great historical events of the twentieth century are stamped upon this luxury establishment, from its opening in 1910 (the first hotel in the world with en-suite bathrooms in every room), to its role in WW1 as command centre for the Chief of Allied Forces, then later as a favourite haunt of Winston Churchill (it was here in 1938 that he was witnesesed lifting the French prime minister off his feet by his lapels, as Chamberlain looked on). The royal family has taken advantage of its proximity to Buckingham Palace on many occasions over the years: when WWII finished, the king and queen took the princesses here to celebrate with scrambled eggs and sausages, and their various friends and relations have been coming ever since. The hotel is completely booked for the wedding itself, so get yourself over there now for a sneak preview, whether it’s a night in the exclusive Nina Campbell Suite with its own drawing room leading to a bedroom resplendent with cream silks and 1940s-style wallpapers, or indulging in a Bollinger Afternoon Tea with its strawberries and Champagne: fit for any aspiring prince or princess.
By Eleanor Rosamund Barraclough
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Hg2 | A Hedonist's Guide is a luxury city guide series coveted by travellers who value both style and substance when it comes to soaking up a city. Irreverent, inspired, and, above all, intelligent.

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