Garlic and Shots, found on Soho’s Frith Street, is a game of two halves. The basement is home to a vodka bar boasting a menu of no less than 101 shots, with everything from Bloodshot (containing vodka, tomato, chili, garlic and spices) to Sweet Death (vodka, peach and cointreau) to Black Rider (vodka, bourbon and kahlua). However, if this sounds like a vampire’s crypt of a paradise for Nosferatu’s children of the night and the entire cast of extras from the Twilight films, then you’ve reckoned without the other half of the ensemble, because the ground floor boasts a garlic restaurant of such piquant pungency that you wouldn’t catch old Vlad putting in an appearance within twenty miles of the place. Garlic and Shots is the brainchild of Swedish brothers the Olssons, and as well as London, you can indulge in the double pleasure of paint-stripping breath and throat-stripping spirits if you find yourself in either Stockholm and Palma. The tables are adorned with pots of parsley for a post-prandial attempt to disguise that oh-so-clinging allium aroma, but by god it’s worth it for a slice of their gloriously moist, pillowy garlic bread. Even the desserts don’t escape the abominable bulb: for a truly unique taste experience try their chocolate-covered garlic cloves with a side of ice cream. Perhaps not the best place for dinner if you’re planning a night out on the pull, so mosey on downstairs afterwards for a digestif or two: you can guarantee that many of your fellow drinkers will be in the same malodorous boat…
By Eleanor Rosamund Barraclough
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