Battle Of Waterloo / Hg2 RESTAURANT REVIEW

What’s in a name? Apparently, quite a lot if Waterloo Brasserie is anything to go by. Now known as the Waterloo Bar & Grill (yet still found in the same location across the street from the station), the recently renamed restaurant proves that commuter dining options don’t have to consist of fast-food takeaway joints that scrimp on style and pile on the pounds. A lively bar at the front of the restaurant welcomes coat-clad Londoners in from the cold, and is bustling any given night of the week (although this is as much down to its proximity to the station as it is anything else). There’s a sleek black and gold colour scheme employed throughout, offset by dim lighting and gorgeously glossy surfaces; pass this and you’ll come to a glass-walled cellar, a separate dining area and a seemingly misplaced downstairs dance floor (we’re not entirely sure what crowd this is at aimed at – a swing around this would have anyone missing their last train home). Refreshingly in a city where so many places try way too hard, the menu is short, sweet and to the point; starters included dishes such as fresh squid, cermula, rocket and parmesan (the squid was far outweighed by the rocket), while mains covered all the usual steaks, burgers and fish plates. We opted for the wild boar with applewood cheddar burger and the black-face lamb rump with pea purée and sweet cider sauce, both of which did the job. The triple-fired hand-cut chips made for a delicious accompaniment. Our deserts weren’t the best; the sticky date pudding with caramel sauce and hazelnut cream seemed to be missing most of the sauce, while a perfectly good chocolate mousse with berry purée and shortbread was ruined by an unnecessary sprinkling of ‘pop-rocks’ (the granulated candy that was popular with kids years back). The service, however, couldn’t be faulted; fast, efficient and polite, the staff works like a well-oiled machine. While the Waterloo Bar & Grill doesn’t really dazzle with its culinary prowess, it does provide familiarity for those who don’t want to be too adventurous before they board the 11.55 home.
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