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As one of the top DJs in the world, bright lights and night life are second nature to Markus Schulz. Renowned for his dark and melodic productions and DJ sets, he emigrated to the US from Germany aged 13 and remixed his first dance track in the early ’90s. Owning a label, broadcasting his Global DJ show and dropping various compilation albums and remixes, Markus is a man guaranteed a hedonistic experience whichever city his talents take him to. Now currently living in Miami, Markus managed to find some (rare) quiet time to chat with Hg2 and talk to us about his favourite hangouts in the original city of sin.
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Name: Markus Schulz.
Are you a hedonist?
I guess that depends on your definition and to what degree. I do like to have a good time and enjoy myself, so I’m going to go with ‘yes’!
There are plenty of DJs out there. Why do you think you’ve become so well-known, and what marks you out from the dance floor crowd?
I think it’s the blend of the music I play, tied into the mixed-in-key formula I use to build sets. I like to think of it as trance without borders.
How would you describe Miami?
The place where people come from all over the world for sun, fun and more besides.
In Miami, what’s your favourite…

Hotel? At the moment that’d be Tempo. It’s brand new, really beautifully done out, spacious and right across the road from Miami’s Space club. You can have pre- and after-parties there, and let me just say that the sound insulation is fantastic!
Tantra. This is one that my crew picked out actually. I don’t get to go bar-hopping in South Beach nearly as much as I’d like, but whenever I’m in the office this is always the regular spot they’re talking about. The few times I have got to go there I’ve had an absolute blast. It’s nice, elegant and serves kick-ass Mojitos.
Mr. Chow – it’s in the W hotel on South Beach. What I love about it is you can go in there and the menu is already set – the chef just makes the food for you! No stress, no fuss, no agonising over what to eat – it just comes out and it’s routinely fantastic. Honestly, I eat like that a lot. When I’m on the road and the promoter takes you to a restaurant, they very often know the chef and I just let them bring it out. If you want a recommendation, try the octopus ink noodles. Your mouth will be completely black afterwards, though, so not something to do before you go clubbing!
LIV and Space. LIV is in the Fontainebleau and is built on the area that used to be The Tropicana, which is where Frank Sinatra used to play back in the day. They transformed it into this massive South Beach ‘bling-bling’ nightclub, with sky rooms, a huge dance floor, incredible sound-system and light set-up. It’s probably the most expensive production in South Beach as far as clubs go. Then there’s the legendary Space – voted number-one club in the United States last year, I believe. It’s been an institution in the US for years and people fly in from all over the world to go clubbing there. Doors open at 12am and, with the after parties on the terrace, it can go right the way through ’till noon the next day.
Anything on Lincoln Road Mall. I love that place; it’s got everything you could want – from mom & pop stores as well as big established ones like Guess, Y3, Diesel, J-Crew. There’s lots of nice cafes & restaurants, too – some of the best in South Beach, in fact. I’d recommend a place called Next down there. If you’re looking for an afternoon meal, they have the biggest portions anywhere! You could probably swing by there on the first day of your vacation, eat, and probably go for 24 hours without needing to again!
Agua Spa at the Delano. My wife goes and she loves it. Enough said!
South Beach between 3rd and Ocean – a great place for people-watching. Its one of the best places to see what South Beach is really about. If you’re looking from something quieter, the rule’s simple: the further north you go, the more chilled it gets!
Villa Vizcaya in Coconut Grove… If there’s one place you have to see in Miami, this is it. It’s a strange one as many people have no idea what it is until they see a picture and then realise they’ve seen it half a dozen times before. It’s popped up in everything from TV to Hollywood movies and computer games. It was Al Pacino’s mansion in Scarface and was also featured in the computer game, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, I believe. It was built by an industrialist call James Deering at the start of the 1900s and it has this kind of redolent Tuscan/Renaissance architecture – very cool. It’s now owned and run as a museum by Miami-Dade County and is really worth the trip out to see.
What’s next for you?
I’ve got a lot coming up towards and throughout the summer. In April and May I’ve got the Remix and then DVD versions of my ‘Do You Dream?’ album landing and that will be followed by a the second Dakota album (Markus’ deeper, housier side-project) in July.


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