Draw A Gingerline Under It / NEWS HUNGRY

Could London‘s East End get any cooler? Apparently it can, with the launch of Gingerline, a creative company that hosts pop-up restaurant and art evenings for the East’s quiff-boasting, brogue-loving cool kids. Taking the ‘Ginger’ in its name from the same coloured Tube line that services the zone, the recently-launched firm draws on its pool of in-the-know chefs, actors, artists and other creative types to put on events in a variety of hush-hush locations way out East. So hush-hush are the events, in fact, that attendees only know what they are, where they are and what time they’ll be held by signing up to Gingerline’s Facebook page; it is through this that the company notifies eager East Enders of the events, sometimes just an hour before they actually happen. Pretentious? Maybe. Cool? Undeniably. We wait with bated breath for the next one.
SITE: gingerline.co.uk
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