Oh, Mandeville / Hg2 HOTEL REVIEW

Four stars doesn’t necessarily mean below par, as The Mandeville Hotel in Marylebone proves. Inside are 142 well-designed rooms – all burgundies, greens and creams – that cater very much to an older, business-orientated fashion crowd, with the property found just a stone’s throw from the shopping mecca of Bond Street at Mandeville Place. Rooms are clean, comfortable and very girly, with bursts of colour and floral details punctuating the furnishings. The beds themselves could lull an insomniac to sleep, but singles are a little on the slim side. The main gripe, however, is the actual size of the rooms; rates here certainly aren’t cheap, but the size our twin room was bordering on the claustrophobic. And when will hotels learn that frosted glass that separates the bathroom from the bedroom will never make guests feel comfortable? Complimentary in-room water and WiFi should also come as standard now, which it doesn’t here (apart from in the lobby), but is made up for with a plethora of high-end, highly-stealable toiletries. That said, the Mandeville’s strength lies downstairs at its delectable deVille restaurant. It is here that the hotel’s much-talked about afternoon tea is served by on-the-ball, in-the-know waiters. There are now three different varieties on offer, including ladies’ fashion, chocolate and gentleman’s (think roast sirloin sandwiches and brick-like chocolate brownies washed down with the finest whiskies). Rather than the hush-hush tradition of, say, The Ritz, afternoon tea here is relaxed, informal and chic – just the way God intended. While we didn’t get to sample the evening menu – think Brit-with-a-twist plates set against sophisticated, super-stylish interiors – we did get to enjoy an extremely well-made mojito cocktail in the bar before venturing out for the night. In short, we liked the Mandeville very much – particularly the tea and razor-sharp service we experienced from check-in to check-out – but to snag that elusive fifth golden star we suggest either the room rates come down or the room sizes go up. The final word? A design-conscious, discreet bolthole for material girls-about-town with cash to splash.
SITE: mandeville.co.uk
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