Pink Elephant, 527 West 27th Street (10th Ave)
If world-class house music’s your thing, and you’ve got money to spend, then get thee to the Pink Elephant, a super-sexy destination – formerly in the Meatpacking District, now transplanted to Upper Chelsea – where a floating glass-tile bar, a sunken dance-floor, curved lounge areas, and deep red hue get a well-heeled crowd in the mood for serious abandon (hopefully not the reckless kind). There are also crystal chandeliers and an enjoyable foliage theme, with plant-lined staircases and such. The crowd, despite a few unavoidable dips and drips, tends to be rather chic and sexy, and that bottle service concept – tedious to some at this point – is alive and well.
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Hg2 | A Hedonist's Guide is a luxury city guide series coveted by travellers who value both style and substance when it comes to soaking up a city. Irreverent, inspired, and, above all, intelligent.

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