Lisbon Love / Hg2 MUST-STAY

Girl-about-town, globe-trotter and Hg2 blogger Ana Silva checks out the Inspira Santa Marta hotel in Lisbon, and reports back with very good things indeed. 

Are you earth, wood, metal, fire or water? You really need to know what your feng shui element is before booking a room at Inspira Santa Marta, a very cool design boutique hotel in Lisbon, Portugal, with rooms themed around each of the elements. Not sure what your element is? When browsing the hotel website your birthdate niftily reveals which one you’re best suited to – and that will help you book the right room, where the colour scheme and even shape will ensure you feel perfectly at ease. Are you water? This should be the choice if you want to relax and recharge; the fire rooms, meanwhile, are ideal for those who are very sociable; but if you are anything like me, earth is the room for you – ideal for those who apparently want to be in harmony with others. Who knew? The concept of a sustainable hotel is not new, but it is in a state-of-the-art building; every detail is carefully thought-out – lights are off when they are not being used, for example – there isn’t a buffet (have you thought about the waste?) and nothing is printed, including your bill, which is emailed to you after your stay. Nonetheless, the breakfast is fantastic and plentiful – especially if you have a little room for the lovely pasteis de nata, Portugal’s famous custard tarts. Still a bit stressed? There’s an on-site spa that adheres to the same eco principles, and looks stunning to boot, too. And located close the city’s main sightseeing and shopping, Inspira Santa Marta is the perfect urban oasis for hedonists who care.
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