Swimming Upstream / Hg2 MUST-EAT

Located in the South Bank’s Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel – otherwise known as tourist-trap hell – judging by geography alone, Ichi Sushi does not sound promising. But leaving all geographical snobbery aside, this relatively new sushi joint is an enjoyable surprise. Tucked away from the hotel bar where ‘townies’ are out for a razzle-dazzle, with only a handful of tables and a few seats, the casual snackery offers an intimate setting perfect for a tet-a-tet. The minimal Japanese décor is sleek and stylish without being over-the-top, as is the staff who, sweetly attentive, warned us ahead of time that the food would take slightly longer to arrive. But it was worth the wait, with sushi classics and selected Western favourites like seared tuna jalapeno and the salmon belly roll being utterly delicious. Nowhere on the menu will you find overdone Nobu-esque dishes or garish attempts at Asian-fusion. Best of all, the prices are incredibly reasonable. Ichi itself recommends its Experience Menu, which at £44 a head includes dessert, sake, starters and enough sushi to feed a couple. Location aside, Ichi is an excellent addition to a city lacking in good, straightforward sushi, and a perfect retreat should you ever find yourself fighting against a stream of tourists on the South Bank.
By Marilyn MacDonald
SITE: ichisushi.co.uk

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