Just what London needs. Another eco-friendly, look-how-fresh-our-produce is deli. Well, yes, to be honest. Particularly when this one you can actually go to for dinner, rather than a rushed stop-off during your lunch hour. Found at 172 Walton Street in Chelsea, Baity Kitchen instantly sets itself apart from its competitors with a bright and breezy space that’s got more than a little New York chic about it. In fact, stepping into the pared-down interior – all grey concrete floors, stark white walls, zinc-topped wooden tables and glossy aquamarine chairs inspired by the colour of the Evil Eye (to ward off evil) – you’re half inclined to think you’re in Manhattan’s version of Chelsea. Infinitely more trendy as its UK counterpart, as it happens. There’s even a small terrace outside, perfect for those who want to soak up the sun while tucking into whatever deliciousness they order from the deli counter near the entrance.

Ahh, the deli. Proving once and for all that size really doesn’t matter, the glass-fronted display cabinet may not be big but it’s certainly clever — filled with the kind of farm-fresh grub that would please even the likes of green queen Gwyneth Paltrow — and changes daily according to what’s seasonal and available. On the night of our review, it was a feast for the senses and popped with colour, aroma and taste. We ordered four plates between two, with standouts being a chunky chicken escalope with puy lentil and rice salad and a pepper straining at the seams with rice stuffing. Everything is inspired by the Palestinian roots of owner Joudie Kalla-Anagnou, and everything positively bursts with flavour. The menu is always a labour of love here, and it’s always well received.

While it took a while to warm up on the night of our review, by the time we left the place was buzzing with locals tucking into Baity Kitchen’s homey food and insidery atmosphere. Finally, a snackery with substance.
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