Banging It Up With Shazalakazoo / Hg2 MUST-PARTY

Hg2 Cape Town author Keith Bain claims that even when you struggle to pronounce a band’s name, it’s worth braving the winter cold for a night of Balkan-inspired fun….
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Cape Town hedonists and party titans hardly need to be reminded of next week’s Balkanology party. However, if you’re planning a visit to South Africa anytime soon, you might want to reschedule to have your holiday (or business trip) to coincide with either of the upcoming festival-style parties scheduled for Johannesburg (on Saturday) and Cape Town (next Wednesday).

Balkanology has become the final word in urban celebration in the country at the bottom end of Africa, and with each event, the team brings on another round of good-spirited pandemonium. We’re looking forward to two off-the-charts nights of banging Balkan beats and outrageously unhinged dance-floor derring-do.

Its latest offering—Greek Mythology—sees Serbian band Shazalakazoo headlining with their Balkanised electronic bass. Their music isn’t easily explained: The Belgrade-based duo, Milan Djurić  and Uroš Petković, mix things up with their amalgamation of classical instruments, folk rhythms and funky electronica, synthesising a unique musical genre which they call folkstep. They’re influenced as much by the sounds of Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa as they are by drum ‘n’ bass, and the result is a crazy, hypnotic mash-up of super-charged dance music.

Shazalakazoo released their first album, Speaking Balkanian, in 2010, and followed that up with Karton City Boom, earlier this year. You can watch them live here: and listen to a sampling of their music here:

In Johannesburg, Shazalakazoo will be supported by local DJs Toby2shoes and Maoriginal, as well as the band Nomadic Orkestar, and will happen at The Mills Parking Lot, 66 Carr Street, in Newtown.

Cape Town’s night of unbridled fun happens on 15th June in the Zip Zap Circus Dome at the Foreshore.

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