We promised you more from Paramount restaurant and bar after its delicious cheesecake and cherry beer ice-cream recipe (read it here), and we’re never ones to disappoint. Set your appetites rioting and your taste buds tingling with these recipes for a dressed lobster salad and a chargrilled tuna loin. The lobster salad calls for live lobsters, so marshal your courage and march to your kitchen — it’s cooking time.
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Dressed Lobster Salad with Confit Tomato, Avocado and Basil Oil
Serves 4

2x live lobster
1x bunch of basil

Basil Oil
1x bunch of basil
200ml olive oil

Lemon Dressing
1x lemon juice
200ml olive oil
1tbsp honey
salt and pepper

Confit Tomato
4x plum tomato
1x clove garlic
5g icing sugar
2g maldon sea salt
1 bunch thyme (chopped)
olive oil (drizzle)

2x avocado
1x lemon juice

Salad – Garnish
frissa and micro cress
lemon and avocado balls
confit tomato (diced)

For the basil oil – Blanch basil leaves in boiling water for 10 seconds then place into iced water.  Drain well and squeeze leaves in cloth until dry.  Chop finely and liquidise with oil for 10-15 mins until dark green in colour.  Pass through jay cloth.

For the lemon dressing – Liquidise juice, honey and olive oil, check and season.

For the lobster – Pierce lobster head then place into boiling water for 12 mins. Put into iced water. When cold remove from water and take all meat from tail and claws. Dry well in jay cloth. You should have two portions off one lobster. Slice tail into 8 and give 1 claw to 4 slices of tail.  Dress lobster with lemon dressing and chopped basil.

For the confit tomato – Score top of tomato with an x and remove eye from bottom of tomato. Burn skin with blow torch until it starts to peel off then place in ice water. Cut into quarters and remove seeds, dry well on jay cloth then place onto tray and sprinkle salt, icing sugar, olive oil and chopped thyme onto tomato. Slice garlic finely and place one slice on each tomato quarter. Leave for 12 hours in warm oven. Take 2 quarters and cut into ½cm dice for salad garnish.

For the avocado – Peel avocado, slice one and cover with lemon juice with the other make avocado balls and place into lemon juice.

Assemble – Place 6 sliced avocado pieces into a ring in the centre of the plate pushing down with back of spoon. Put 2 quarters confit tomato pieces on top of avocado, then place the dressed lobster on top of tomato and remove ring.  Place 5 avocado balls around and 5 diced tomato in between avocado.  Dress salad and put on top of lobster. Drizzle basil oil around plate.

Chargrilled Tuna Loin, Pesto Ravioli, Provencal of Vegetables and Orange Flavoured Jus
Serves 4

Tuna Loin
4x 5oz tuna steak
10ml olive oil
salt and pepper

1x basil (picked)
10g pine nuts (toasted)
20g parmesan
100ml olive oil
½ clove garlic
salt and pepper

Grilled Vegetables
1x aubergine
1x courgette
1x pepper – red
1x pepper – green
1x pepper – yellow
salt and pepper
50ml olive oil
1x sprigg rosemary (chopped)

Salmon Mousse
190g salmon meat
65g scallop meat (dried)
1x egg (whole)
100ml double cream
½ lemon juice
cayenne pepper and salt
2 tbsp pesto (above)

1x egg (whole)
3x egg yolks
10ml white wine vinegar
10ml olive oil
100ml saffron water
700g pasta flour
salt and pepper

50ml veal stock
50ml water
1 orange rinde (dried)

For the tuna – Roll tuna loin in cling film 24 hours before slicing it into 5oz steaks.

For the pesto – Put all ingredients into a liquidiser until a green paste is formed and then add seasoning to taste, set aside.

For the salmon mousse – Place salmon and scallops into mixer then add 1 egg and slowly add cream. Remove from mixer and add lemon, salt, cayenne and pesto, mixing well.  To check the mousse for seasoning wrap a teaspoon of mousse in cling film and cook in boiling water for 2-3 mins and taste. Place mousse into piping bag.

For the pasta – Place all ingredients into mixer with dough hook and leave to mix slowly for 15-20 mins.  Roll out pasta and cut into circles, fill with pesto mousse, making ravioli parcels and set aside in fridge.

For the vegetables – Roast peppers in olive oil and salt and pepper in oven for 5-10 mins, keep turning. When they are soft, place in bowl and put cling film over it for 10 mins. Peel all skin off and remove seeds. Grill mark the peppers and slice courgette and aurbergine. Salt well and leave on tray for 20 mins. Wash aubergine and courgette for 15 mins. Dry well in a jay cloth then chargrill. Mix all vegetables together with olive oil, rosemary, salt and pepper.

For the sauce – Boil stock, water and orange rinde to sauce consistency.

Assemble! – Place ravioli into boiling water with olive oil and seasoning for 5-7 mins. While ravioli cooks place tuna onto grill with olive oil and seasoning. Place chargrilled vegetables in centre of plate. Remove ravioli and put on top of vegetables, grill tuna medium rare (pink in the middle) and place on top of ravioli, sauce around tuna and serve.


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