Whilst scavenging for the Mother City’s best winter warmers, Hg2 Cape Town author Keith Bain has discovered ball-grabbing, soul-stirring music produced by a hot new duo.
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Two Minute Puzzle. They’re new, they’re brilliant, and we think they’re world-class. They’re hosting a little launch party in Cape Town on Saturday, and we can’t wait.

The duo, Patrick McCay and Andrew Winer, first stepped into the studio a year ago and the result is an EP of songs showcasing a maturity and edgy sophistication that’s instantly caught our attention.

Their music revolves around strong, timeless tunes, often with a haunting, meditative quality. Lyrically, they’re eyebrow-raising—intelligent, with a sharp wit. They sing about arseholes with guns (listen here); deliver tunes with spiritual inflections (listen to All You Need, here); and in a most haunting turn, they sing about dying alone (listen here). Their studio recordings include collaborations with Xander Ferreira (frontman for the band Gazelle), songstress Inge Beckmann (Lark), and multitalented Jeremy Loops.

One half of the band is Andrew Winer, a frequent collaborator with other local musicians (he’s often seen playing that oddest of instruments, the melodica). He produces an altogether different strain of music under his Sadhu Sensi persona (you can listen to some of that here), and also forms half of the established dub-reggae outfit, 7ft Sound System (see their myspace page here).

While we think Two Minute Puzzle successfully confounds genre boundaries with their rich, riveting sound, they’re calling it ‘experimental folk rock’. Whatever it is, it’s worth leaving the house to catch them in person. You can get yourself in the mood by listening to a 20-minute sample set here, but the duo has promised us a couple of previously unheard tracks when they perform live at the launch party (when their first video is also being premiered).

The launch event includes a line-up of musical performances by a handful of handpicked Cape Town artists. DJ Tommy Gun (leftfield Indie, Nu-Disco and Electro) is on the bill, along with three-piece Blues-Rock band Machineri, another astonishing must-hear outfit (comprising drums, two American Fender Stratocasters, and lead vocalist, Sannie Fox).

It all happens at Maremoto (230 Long Street) on Saturday 18th June. The night kicks off at 8pm; anyone who manages to bag a ticket also scores a copy of the EP, and a glass of wine. Full details here.


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