Tucked amongst the converted warehouses towards the city-end of Green Point, Trinity is Cape Town’s only true superclub, a vast temple to late-night hedonism that opened to instant acclaim in December 2010. With its spacious dance floor, multiple bars and various schmoozing lounges for people who prefer not to have their toes trampled, it’s a multi-storey dreamspace, albeit a rough-hewn neo-industrial one with lots of metal and exposed brick. And dark enough for you to get up to all kinds of mischief. Step inside and you enter something akin to an industrial monastery with modern installations tastefully grafted on. At its core is a large, high-ceilinged, cathedral-proportioned dance arena watched from above by a trio of carved, curvaceous angels, and separated from the rest of the club by humungous antique temple doors imported from the East. And while there’s some kind of religious subplot in the décor—including a gigantic church organ installed as pure eye-candy—it’s a space designed entirely to serve the needs of decadence. For those who agree that God is indeed a DJ, the altar-like stage means that dance floor crowds are always looking up at whoever’s churning out the beats. And whoever’s at the decks will be preaching to a beautiful, eager crowd—Trinity typically pulsates with the city’s hippest, coolest cats. Having kicked off with an epic, powerhouse performance by global DJ phenomenon, James Zabiela, the dance floor has seen a succession of pumping parties (mostly at weekends, but throwing up outrageous midweek events, too—Wednesdays feature a more underground feel, with anything from dub to trance); there are dedicated live jazz evenings (usually Mondays) too. And when the merriment and mayhem gets too much, there’s also the chance of escaping to the roof, where a patio-style lounge and open-air garden is complemented by moon- and star-light, a cosy fire in winter, and a sense of the surrounding buildings à la Gotham City.
SITE: trinitycapetown.co.za
Taken from Hg2 Cape Town, continously updated by Keith Bain. Buy it here


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