A Feast For The Senses / Hg2 MUST-EAT

Despite having an awkward moment on the way into the restaurant in which the hostess didn’t know who we were and where we were meant to be, all was sorted, a cocktail menu was swiftly given, perused and ordered from and it seemed Patara was, in fact, the place we were meant to be.

We enjoyed a couple of cocktails before sitting down to try the all-new Six Senses-inspired menu. The Ginger Martini (made with vodka, sake and a slice of fresh ginger) and the Lychee Martini were real winners. In fact, all the cocktails on the menu were delicious, potent, and full of fresh flavours. And devilishly drinkable. You can trust us on this – we may not have sampled them all, but we got through a fair few.

For those not in-the-know, Patara and Six Senses (the luxury resorts and spas group) have collaborated to create a menu which will be available at each of the four London Patara outposts throughout August and September. Although the idea of a spa collaborating with a restaurant may conjure images of manicures as you munch, you can rest assured that the pampering was restricted to the attentive, gracious service and the wonderful food and ambience.

We were treated to several courses, each with several different dishes, of delicious Thai food. The fragrant coconut and seafood soup was a particular highlight. And the curry sauce used in the vegetarian dish was ridiculously good; we had to stop ourselves (since we are admitted carnivores) from stealing the dish wholesale from our honourable vegetarian neighbours.

The menu is inspired by the philosophy of ‘SLOW LIFE’. And though we can attest that the pace of the evening was such that we were able to enjoy and savour every mouthful at our leisure, there is more to this philosophy than might first appear. The thinking that has gone into each specially crafted dish is: Slow, Local, Organic, Wholesome – Learning, Inspiring, Fun Experiences. That’s right, the principles literally spell out the philosophy. It’s not a small task they have set for themselves but they achieve it with aplomb. This is a dining experience – and one you shouldn’t miss out on if you claim to like food.
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