Tears On Your Pillow / NEWS HUNGRY

Virgin Atlantic has recently introduced emotional health warnings on some of its notoriously weepy in-flight movies. ‘Water for Elephants’ and ‘Just Go With It!’ are the first films to carry the new warning, which advises passengers at the beginning of the movie to have a man-sized Kleenex at-hand and to press the call button if things get a bit too much: a friendly shoulder to cry on is now part of the service. Other top tearjerkers include Eat Pray Love, My Sister’s Keeper and Billy Elliott, with the movie responsible for putting the most people in the ‘mile-high blub club’ being Toy Story 3 (and it’s not only kids that are affected…). According to shrinks, flying at altitude lowers our emotional defences – an effect of putting our safety in other peoples’ hands, apparently. So if you don’t want to land with red eyes and mascara running down your face, heed Virgin’s warning.
By Lydia Reeves
SITE: virgin-atlantic.com
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