Mother City Spring Madness / GUEST BLOGGER

Spring has well and truly sprung at the southern tip of Africa, with warm winds wafting around the Atlantic Seaboard and one gigantic flaming red disc setting the sky ablaze at sunset. Hg2 Cape Town author Keith Bain predicts a rollicking weekend as two of the city’s top party planners work their magic. We suggest you saddle up, dust off those dancing shoes, and gird your loins with a gallon of trusty Red Bull at the ready…
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First up, those crazy Balkanology hombres are unleashing their special brand of madness on Friday night at Zula Sound Bar (98 Long Street). Their next installment of Fiddle East takes over two dance floors with a line-up that mashes Balkan, Cumbia and Moombahton beats. No one knows where the evening will lead or what kind of kinky chaos will unfold, but a sweaty, hard-stomping night of fun is inevitable. Don gold chains and your swankiest tracksuit, abandon all inhibitions and sign up for Auténtico disko Cumbia y Balkan…

Fiddle East happens Friday night from 9pm, and goes on until the wee hours. Manning the decks are some of Cape Town’s grooviest spin doctors, including Maoriginal (aka Ma’or Harris), Toby2shoes, James Copeland and Regan. Tickets are to be had from, and you can get a feel for the Moombahton spirit here:

Then, on Saturday, those trance wizards from Alien Safari head into the countryside with their minions in tow and put on what turns out to be the most anticipated event of the year: Sprung. Those in the know will tell you that this monster outdoor music festival heralds the official start of the spring season, and kickstarts a tidal wave of outdoor summer trance parties that revellers can ride right through Easter 2012 (read more about these here). International DJ-producers headlining the event are Brainiac, from Croatia, and Loopus in Fabula (aka Matteo Stroppa), who hails from Milan and is known for his mash-up of funky disco and psytrance (ready yourself by listening to this funkedelic set: Both these highly anticipated acts will be going up on Sunday, along with Hg2 favourite, Headroom (aka Adam Metcalfe), and the ever-excellent Gandalf.

The dance floor springs into action on Saturday at 6pm, just in time for a fabulous sunset session, and the hedonism continues until 5pm Sunday. There’ll be psychedelic lighting, spectacular backdrop visuals, and an array of shiny, happy, extremely pretty people. While you’re welcome to bring along everything you need (except glass bottles), there’ll be well-stocked bars and food stalls, and space to pitch your tent—not that sleeping is ever a priority when the aliens are on safari.

It all happens out in the pristine countryside, near the small town of Rawsonville, in a breathtakingly beautiful setting some 90 minutes from Cape Town; the venue is open for early birds from 10am. Full details at or +27 82 741 8981.


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