So begins another week of style mania as the Paris Fashion Week kicks off. How do Hedonists survive such events? Style-passport’s fashion director Sam Jones gives us her tips on how to keep your cool even if all around you are losing theirs. Hg2 are also pleased to announce a partnership with style-passport. The style experts will be recommending the right look for the best Hg2 destinations. More details next month!

Favourite Fashion Week destination?
It has to be London of course!  Love the buzz British designers create.

Any packing tips?
Take some comfortable running shoes (without compromising on style) for getting around the events and showrooms all week.

Carry-on essential?
Aesop Ginger Flight Therapy – I’m still a nervous flier after all this time.

What’s on your iPod?
At the moment I’m obsessed with Kanye West and Jay-Z

Fave Milan place to be?
10 Corso Como

Fave Paris place to be?
Café Ruc

Fave hotel?
Hotel Amour in Paris.

Things to avoid?
Late nights

Favourite shops?
Gabrielle Geppert in the Jardin Palais Royal for her sensational selection of vintage Chanel. In Nerw York, it has to be Barney’s Co-op for their edit of cool brands.  You always feel they are in the know.

Best outfit for Fashion Week?
My new Humanoid skinny leather jacket, a favourite chiffon maxi skirt that I’ve had for ages, and the Humanoid blocky ankle boots that we’ve just got on style-passport – stylish but easy!

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