Hg2 was out schmoozing this week at a celebrity-studded party at the Sky Bar in London. We were supporting TV star Jasmine Birtles as she launched her revamped Moneymagpie website. Apart from enjoying the live entertainment and free hospitality, the spectacular 29th floor bar view is a sight to behold. Got us Hedonists thinking. Is there a better Sky Bar in the world?

Beirut bars | Sky Bar Beirut

View from the bar of one of the platforms at Sky Bar Beirut

Sky Bar Beirut
This glam and ultra exclusive bar/club on the roof of the BIEL prizes itself on its exquisite cocktails and beautiful, fashionable crowd. The bar not only houses a 2,500 capacity but also holds a 60m long bar, the longest of any Skybar around the world. Through the glitzy décor, the crowd is privy to a gorgeous view across the Mediterranean and Lebanese coastline.  One other notable thing about this establishment is that Sky Bar Beirut was nominated the best nightclubs in the world.

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Los Angeles bars | Sky Bar LA

Seating area at Sky Bar LA

Sky Bar Los Angeles
According to the Mondrian Hotel, where Sky Bar LA is located, this ivory coloured pavilion seems to float in the clouds. A regular high-class crowd drape themselves upon and around the handmade Mexican furniture. They come to sample some of the best cocktails shaken in town. The spectacularly beautiful all-female staff nearly, but not quite, outshine the high-rise views of the city. This Sky Bar is the perfect place for the super trendy to people watch and have a great evening out.

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Toronto bars | Sky Bar Toronto

Ariel view of Sky Bar Toronto

Sky Bar Toronto
Standing beside Lake Ontario, it’s no surprise Sky Bar Toronto has a dazzling view. The water plus the Toronto skyline surround the bar in a panoramic view, creating the perfect natural backdrop for any occasion. Sky Bar Toronto is situated on the roof of the Government entertainment complex in Queen’s Quay. A Moroccan style interior holds up to 400 people. This Toronto bar is open in the day as well as the night.

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Miami bars | Sky Bar Miami

Red Room Gardens at Sky Bar Miami

Sky Bar Miami
Although not actually in the sky, Sky Bar Miami is definitely one worth noting. Located at the ground floor of the Shore Club in South Beach – also home to the famous Japanese restaurant Nobu – this celebrity ‘hot spot’ is divided into four areas, allowing a room for every mood. There’s the plush Red Room, the well-stocked Rum Bar and the secluded, beach-style Sand Bar. Wherever you go, indulge in a mouthwatering cocktail, mix with a fabulous crowd, and savour a beautiful view of the starry skies. You’ll just have to tilt your Hedonist head skywards to catch it.

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Hg2 would like to thank contributing writer Yasmine Calil for this article.

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