In a world increasingly driven by machines, the vending machine has been a revolutionary invention. Providing round-the-clock service for 24/7 cities, vending machines offer reliable service that doesn’t require a tip, let alone a thank you. For travellers over the decades especially, these innovations have been a welcome, language-barrier-free encounter for a quick snack or to get some late-night toothpaste your forgot to pack.

In tribute to these much under-valued and over kicked ‘silent heroes’ of post-modern culture, Hg2 takes a tour of some of the world’s most weird and wonderful vending machines. We show that coin-operated consumerism really can satisfy all our needs, from the basic to the bizarre.

Pick Up A Pizza In Milan
Watch your pizza been kneaded, topped and baked in front of your eyes and nor an Italian pizza guy in sight. It’s all done inside a vending machine and within 3-minutes. A slice of modern life that can be found in Malpensa airport in Milan and surely sacrilege in the homeland of pizza.

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Have A Ball In New York
For just $20 you can buy the Joga 3 football from one of the automated ball dispensaries around New York City. Quite why you’d be so needy of a kick around while in the middle of one of the world’s busiest metropolises beggars belief. But that’s coin-operated convenience for you. Service without a smile!

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Knickers To Tokyo Pant Machines
Japan has the most vending machines in the world and it’s a well-known fact that pretty much anything is sold on the streets via dispensers. Capital city Tokyo is perhaps most infamously known as the place to purchase used schoolgirl panties for those private lingerie fetishist moments. You know the ones! Well, the vending of such items has actually been banned in Japan since 1993 after machine sale was outlawed.

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Going For Gold In Miami
You’re away from home and you realise you forget to pack them. So you run down to the lobby of the Mondrian South Beach Hotel in Miami and use the vending machine. Voila! One pair of 24-carat-gold handcuffs ($350). Isn’t it great what you can get in a vending machine these days!

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Footloose And Fancy Free In London
Out in the city with the wrong shoes? Bunions playing havoc with your hedonism? What you need is a change of footwear. Luckily vending machine geniuses Rollasole can be found around England’s most exciting city dispensing comfy flats for ladies (or men) over-heeled and hurting. Sneak off and get your sneakers late-night for this strange but clever way to put the soul back into exhausted feet.

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Los Angeles Marijuana Machines

Yes, you read right! There are vending machines in LA that you put cash in and pot pops out. The innovation serves the medical needs of patients whose suffering is alleviated by the drug. Only those approved by city medical staff can use the machine which requires fingerprint identification and a special credit card.

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Have you used or encountered a strange vending machine that we didn’t feature?

Add your favourite vending machine from around the world to our list on our travel forum.

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