Hg2 was pleased to meet Ally T, founder of Toronto lifestyle blog EatDrinkToronto. She moved back to Toronto after spending most of her life in Australia. By day, she works in corporate communications; by night, she trawls Toronto’s restaurants, cafes, and bars, injecting her Toronto reviews with humor and a down-to-earth approach. We find out what are Ally’s favourite places in Toronto.

Best place for celeb-spotting
I haven’t seen any celebs in Toronto yet! I’ve always got an eye out for Ryan Reynolds though.

Travel essential
Lots of snacks. God forbid you’re trapped in an airport with no Tim Bits.

Favourite hedonistic location
The Queen W bars are the hedonistic hubs for many, but for me, I’m all about brunch and beer. My perfect day would start with french toast from Saving Grace and would end with spending far too much money trying new and rare beers at Beer Bistro (Yonge & King E).

Best current trend
Festivals! Buskers, craft beer, food trucks, deep fried mac’n’cheese, installation art. I feel like there’s been something on every weekend – I hope Nuit Blanche was the last thing for a while. I’m tired.

Favourite restaurant
For lunch, I love Caplansky’s. Their signature smoked meat makes me forget what my name is. For dinner, Terroni is a favourite – the pizza is fantastic, the prices are good, and it’s dark inside so you can chow down with no judgment.

Toronto must-have
A tolerance for the TTC…and cute ear muffs.

Must-see sight
The Distillery District is a pretty magical place at night. Wandering around the cobblestone streets, you could be forgiven for thinking you’re back in the 1800s. A duck into the Mill St brewpub will quickly bring you back into modern times.


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