Celebrity chef and restauranteur Marco Pierre White has taken on Jamie Oliver over plans to improve the quality of school dinners, reveals the Guardian.

Jamie Oliver has campaigned since 2004 to win the backing of the UK government to improve the standard of food served in schools. But a Whitehall report says White has also held talks with government officials to persuade them to adopt his strategy to achieve the same.

The two chefs are longstanding critics of one another and – in a bizarre twist to the tale – it seems that Turkey Twizzlers are at the centre of the row. In 2005 schools stopped serving the culinary ‘delight’ after Oliver successfully gained backing to have them removed from the national menu.

White criticised his rival’s campaign last year, stating: “It’s all very well Jamie Oliver vilifying Turkey Twizzlers, but it wasn’t Bernard Matthews who put them on the school dinners menu, was it? The caterers themselves did that. And anyway, Turkey Twizzlers have less fat in them than the average Cumberland sausage [or] a regular burger.”

White, the youngest ever chef to be awarded three Michelin stars, now endorses Bernard Matthews’s products, one of which is Turkey Twizzlers.

Marco Pierre White

Marco Pierre White: Staking his claim to improve UK school dinners.

Both White and Oliver seem intent on vying for the same accolade – to champion a better diet for British schoolkids. But it looks like there can be only one winner (dinner), as the two chefs attempt to gain sole government backing for their rival schemes.

Which chef do you support in the School Food Feud?

Should both men be forced to work together for the common good?

Turkey Twizzlers: On or off the school menu?

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