The question on every London restaurant owners’ lips is where will the Ronnie Woods guitarist take new ‘girlfriend’ Scarlett Johannson for dinner.

The Rolling Stone’s guitarist won the date at a star-studded charity auction last week (13 Oct). But it won’t be quite the intimate affair newly single Ronnie was perhaps hoping for. He has to share the Hollywood star with businessman Sir David Tang. Both men bid £13,000 each for their prize and agreed to put their bids together to double-date Scarlett.

David Tang

Looking for love: Businessman Sir David Tang.

The event was held at Petersham Nurseries in Richmond, London and was an evening gala to raise money for the charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer. Guest included Pippa Middleton and Sienna Miller.

To help Ronnie and David choose the best venue in London for a date, Hg2 has put together a selection of London date ideas for the threesome:

Hix Soho
Is there a more quirky and fun place for Ronnie, David and Scarlett to dine than Mark Hix’s refined but raucous-style café-style bistro? We describe his menu as “passionate, hearty and a little bit messy.” Surely the perfect ingredients for a great date!


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Scarlett has a Danish-born father and to appeal to her Scandinavian roots, the boys may impress the Hollywood siren with a meal from the innovative Baltic/Scandinavian menu at this London restaurant in Marleybone. With a range of interesting dishes to whet all appetites, Verru could be a very good choice.


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The Henry Root
The Rolling Stones guitarist and legendary hell-raiser may feel more at home in a restaurant named after a legendary rock n roll promoter and satirist. Any date will be a delight at this Chelsea bistro and wine bar, its growing reputation has made it a must-eat venue for any London hedonist.


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Bentley’s Oyster Bar
No girl would fail to be impressed with oysters and champagne. This is one of London’s finest restaurants, first opened in 1916 and enjoying its 21st Century revival. Ronnie, David and Scarlett can savour the best shellfish aphrodisiac in town. Might save the ageing rocker and 57-year-old Tang a few quid on the Viagra!


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Have we called it right?

Where would you take Scarlett for dinner? Tell us in the Hg2 Travel Forum.

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