5 ways to stay trim over Christmas/ GUEST BLOGGER

Hg2’s health guru Carla Sibal shares her top tips on being fit yet festive

Dietary indiscretion may be the rule of thumb over the next month or so, and adding a kilo or two a fact we blindly accept. But why settle for that when a few wise decisions about what we ingest can make the world of a difference between post-party blues and a rocking way to welcome the New Year?


1. Party hard with the right drinks

Who says you have to avoid the booze? Sticking to an array of distilled spirits; like vodka, rum, gin, whisky and brandy, leave you with nary a pound over the next morning. Even a glass or two of champagne to usher in the New Year is fine at only a gram of carbohydrate per glass. Just make sure they aren’t served with any carb-infused mixers like tonic water or fruit juice which can pack in a whopping 32 grams per serving (just as much as a bar of chocolate!) and you’re halfway to dropping a pound…or two.


2. Careful grazing

We like to take in the odd crudité or two for health’s sake, but we’d rather reach for the cheese platter. And who says we can’t? Sticking to a high-protein meal program over the next month or two assures we fearlessly fit into our party frocks throughout the season. Guilt-free options are chorizo, pepperoni, salami, pastrami and goose liver pate.


 3. Avoid bread and pasta like the plague

All right, forget we just said that. There’s nothing wrong with a baguette or occasional croissant for breakfast, but it’s absolutely imperative to stay away from bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes after lunch. If you must have any of these in the evening, make sure they aren’t mixed with any protein.


4. Drink water between each alcoholic drink

It equalizes the bloat-inducing effects of alcohol and prevents a splitting hangover the morning after. What’s not to love?


5. Load up on fat-blasting anti-oxidants

Omega-3’s have had their fair share of endorsements, but the best source is Krill Oil, which controls insulin sensitivity and has a “high potential to alleviate metabolic disorders” (Dr. Kjetil Berge, PhD of Aker Biomarin). Paired with 4-5 cups of thermogenic inducing green tea, you’re well on the way to celebrating another sensational year of hedonism.



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