If you’re planning a little sojourn into Tokyo you might want to coincide it with (or, indeed, work around) the three 15-day Grand Sumo Tournaments in January, May and September.

The latest event kicked off this week, so what better way to celebrate (not that we need much of an excuse) with a little trip around some of the World’s best Japanese eateries.


Fast facts about Japan’s national sport:

  • Most sumo wrestlers live in communal ‘training stables’ where they live a life of strict tradition (like martial art monks, one should imagine)
  • Sumo is associated with the Shinto ritual, which includes a dance to wrestle a ‘kami’ (Shinto divine spirit)
  • To win a sumo bout you must force your opponent out of the ring or get part of his body (other than his feat) to touch the ground


Those in Berlin’s trendy eastside have given this sushi bar their seal of approval. Traditional sushi sits alongside regional specialities. And the waiter’s recommendations are usually spot on.

Sasaya, Berlin

New York – Sushi Yasuda

This spacious, bamboo-filled den is a favourite among chefs in the city and for good reason – Sushi Yasuda serve some of the best sushi in New York, as well as several unique specials.

Sushi Yasuda, New York

Tokyo – Higashi-Yama

For modern bohemia with chic Japanese elegance head to Higashi-Yama, a minimalist treat – from the language to the cuisine.

Higashi-Yama, Tokyo

London Defune

This is a place where only serious foodies come to be seen – glamour is not on the menu. Just, arguably, the best Japanese fare in London. Defune’s ground-floor sushi bar is where it’s at.

Defune, London


If a fun Japanese-themed night is what you’re after (minus the tat), you’ve hit the spot with Sake. Tastes include that elusive umami and a delectable range of – as the name suggests – sake!

Sake, Sydney


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  1. Hi, I went to Higashi-yama last year. It´s really awesome.

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