Located near one of Sydney’s most renowned nightspots (and within strolling distance from the even more notorious Kings Cross red light district), Diamant’s sleek yet sumptuously chic interior, when combined with its enviable all-areas-covered location, makes it the perfect hedonistic hide-away. Add to that its well-known boutique status and you’re on to a winner for any style conscious traveller (the type who wants to get away from the more obvious Sydney attractions).

Tourism in Sydney is big business, but there’ll always be a place for more personally selected provisions. The Diamant is the kind of place that attracts intelligent individuals who want more of a tailor-made touch for their time. We’re talking the little pernickety details – from a Tatty Devine broach to the simple Hermes scarf, all added with a bit of vintage and bubble pop attitude.

As part of the highly regarded, eclectic collection of individually named and designed 8hotels, The Diamant is on point when it comes to a pad for your head. Punters to this place can even host their own tailor-made after-party. Whether from A-list demand or just shrewd business know-how, their penthouse palace has been made available for cocktail parties, private dinners or longer-term lets. With its panoramic harbour and city views, an exquisite en-suite with spa bath and two guest rooms – this is where things get switched up several notches.

With that in mind, Hg2 figured Diamant manager, Alex Dugdale, would be the perfect person to speak to for unique knowledge. This luxury lighthouse was sure to have the lowdown on other avant-garde outlets in town. From delectable little treats to designer boutiques and even a little outré art, we wanted to know it all….

Diamant Hotel manager Alex Dugdale

The 77 room at Diamant Hotel is said to be the place for nocturnal mischief – what is it about your hotel that attracts such hedonistic thrill seekers?

The Diamant Hotel is located within the sensational triangle of Darlinghurst, Potts Point and Kings Cross. With so much to see and do, as well as being situated in the centre of such a colourful area it’s easy to see why we attract the fun-loving crowd that we do!

And how would you describe your guests? Who would be their celebrity counterpart?

Guests of The Diamant Hotel Sydney are as diverse as they come, with a good mix of leisure and corporate travellers. A celebrity we would probably go for is rising star Mila Kunis – down to earth, sophisticated, intelligent, talented and elegant.

As one of the best boutique hotels in Sydney you must surely attract people that like independent shopping outlets too – any chic updates we should know about? 

There are more and more cute little boutique stores popping up every week. A personal favourite (at the moment!) is definitely Diederick the Cat and Alfies Friend Rolfe on Darlinghurst Road; two great little boutiques with an excellent selection of clothes which are hard to find anywhere else.

Time To Vino, Sydney bar

What kind of nightlife recommendations do you usually give your boutique-loving guests?

Being a boutique hotel, we love to offer suitable recommendations to our boutique-loving guests! Therefore, we definitely recommend starting the night with wine at Time To Vino wine bar, which is adjacent to the Diamant Hotel and moving on to Eau De Vie speakeasy tucked away behind our sister property the Kirketon Hotel on Darlinghurst road. Across from there is The Passage, which is a great small bar, perfect for a twirl on the dance floor.

Australia Day is just round the corner – how do Sydney’s locals celebrate in their city?

As it is a Public Holiday, everyone will be out and about. The beaches will be packed and barbeques will be cooking an awful lot of sausage sizzles. One of the city’s biggest annual festivals, Big Day Out is also on at Sydney Showground.

Where else do you like to go on your days off – insider recommendations please!

On my days off I head straight for The Northern Beaches. You are always guaranteed a nice day out either at the beach, on a pushbike or simply just exploring the beautiful surroundings – you can’t go wrong. There are great exhibitions on in the city, but for a great day of exploration and “Graffiti art” Cockatoo Island  is a definite must-do – it’s one of Sydney’s most interesting and historically rich islands that you are free to just wander around and explore for yourself.

North Beaches, Sydney

You’ve got a hot date coming over from Paris for the weekend – describe your entertainment itinerary.

There would definitely be some sightseeing included! Starting with a ferry ride from Circular Quay to Manly (get ready for some beautiful shots from the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge!). Enjoy a lovely lunch at the Manly Wharf Bar and let the food settle while lazing around on Manly beach. On the way back; dinner and drinks at the Opera Bar at sunset and then back to the Diamant Hotel for a well-earned night of sleep. Breakfast the next morning at Fratelli Fresh, shopping at the boutique stores along Oxford St accompanied by a long easy lunch at one of the many old fashioned pubs tucked in the back streets of Paddington. In the evening, dinner at the Gazebo Wine Garden close by from the Diamant, followed by drinks at Eau de Vie to wrap up the weekend.

What should we be on the look out for Sydney in 2012?

Hopefully more sister hotels for the Diamant brand, but definitely more hotels within the 8Hotels family!



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