A group of young artists opened the first supperclub in an Amsterdam warehouse 20 years ago. They just wanted a place to showcase their art – it certainly wasn’t called ‘supperclub’ back then. But the project soon grew into to the type of concept on the table today (metaphorically speaking, of course). Supposedly lacking in funds – and furniture – the guys brought in mattresses to make do. And all sites around the world now famously follow this truly relaxed format on the floor.

The supperclub feast from your bed event has added their own avant-garde option into already buzzing cities like San Francisco, Istanbul, Los Angeles and London. With frequent on-location and cruise sessions happening too. This one-time warehouse art exhibition has now become the outré dining event around the world.

Visual arts and entertainment usually come with the package, as do DJs and musical performances. From the sights and the sounds to the taste and the touch, it’s usually all meshed into one crazy evening of frolicking fun at supperclub. A free state of sensual experiences where every night is different and interactive too – should you wish.

Mark Cutler (owner of the supperclub Notting Hill) dishes out more about one of London’s most unique places to eat….

Mark Cutler, owner of the supperclub Notting Hill

Mark Cutler, owner of the supperclub Notting Hill

How would you describe the supperclub experience in five choice words? 

Freedom. Extraordinary. Creativity. Interactive. Feast.

Would you say that supperclubs are a bit like marmite – you either love it or you hate it? And, with that in mind, how would you describe your clientele?  

Our clientele are generally people who love having fun but also exploring new and interesting entertainment.  We are controversial because we push back barriers and sometimes that can offend so I guess the main thing that makes our clientele stand out from the rest is they are usually pretty open minded!

What other events do you have coming up?  

We are just about to launch ‘supperclub presents‘, which will feature celebrated DJs, famous chefs and performance art, creating an unforgettable nightlife experience to enthrall, provoke and delight.  We have Seb Fontaine playing for it this Friday and Danny Rampling next month, so some really great people.

We also have an anti-fashion theme for London Fashion Week for the month of February, with live photoshoots and make up stylists on hand in the club.

We’ve heard Love Brunch is good fun – and appeals right to our hedonistic heads – can you describe a typical afternoon.…

It is seriously fun – the crowd is absolutely brilliant and always very good looking too.  The way it works is people come along from midday on a Saturday, ease their hangovers with a delicious brunch and a bellini or two whilst enjoying the live entertainment. And then, by about 3pm everyone is on the dancefloor while the DJs play great house tracks.  It’s all over by 6pm, so a great day out.

The supperclub Notting Hill - one of London's most unique places to eat

The supperclub Notting Hill - one of London's most unique places to eat

You own and manage supperclub London with your two brothers. How much work do you do with the other venues?

We are constantly in touch with all the other venues and take a huge amount of inspiration from supperclub Amsterdam, which has been doing what it does so well for twenty years now.  They are the original supperclub and such innovators but we also work closely with them all, visiting them regularly. We’re about to start a supperclub art club on 7th March, which supperclub LA has achieved great critical acclaim for too. We all inspire each other,

And why Notting Hill/West London? At the site of Subterranea too!  

It’s a perfect site, being tucked away and hidden, which is the whole idea behind supperclub – that you wouldn’t know it was there and when you arrive you really are transported to another world.  The size is great too – it’s a hugely versatile venue.

Supperclubs are growing in popularity around the world. But what do you think it is that appeals to today’s ‘alternative London’ market?

I think people are looking for more than just eating and drinking when they go out – they want entertainment and also to be involved in their evening. I think supperclubs have a universal appeal that go beyond geographical restrictions – shown by the fact that we have done similar initiatives at the other supperclubs all around the world.

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