Fashion Weeks’ Hot Spots

Fashionistas, socialites and girl boys rejoice! It’s that time of year again – when the fashion pack set their jets to take the biggest cities by storm.

Fashion Week locations attract fashion week parties, not to mention the po-faces and fashionista clothing that goes with it. So, to help you savour the very best on show, we’ve already sourced this season’s best places to eat, sleep and party.

London Fashion Week Dates: 17-22 February

45 Park Lane, London Hotel

The Dorchester Collection's new 45 Park Lane hotel, London

The London Fashion Week Hotel: 45 Park Lane

A hop, skip and a jump away from Hyde Park, the latest addition to the Dorchester Collection will be packed full of social climbing fashion bloggers lingering in the plush lobby trying to catch a glimpse of Mrs Wintour or any other Conde Nast editor coming out of one of the exclusive 45 rooms.

Burger&Lobster, London restaurant

Burger&Lobster, London restaurant

Our Best Restaurant Guide For London Fashion Week: Burger & Lobster

Thanks to plus size models like Myla Dalbesio taking over the fashion world with a vengence, food is back on the menu. We can’t think of a better way to take in calories than at the latest no-reservations-allowed restaurant Lobster & Burger. Choice can be overwhelming after years of celery and cigarettes, so the three-option menu – burger, lobster or lobster burger – will prove a relief.

The Arts Club, London

The Arts Club, London

The Best Of London Fashion Week Parties: The Arts Club

With Gwyneth Paltrow, Stella McCartney and Mark Ronson – some of London’s most prized residents – working behind the scenes, this recently relaunched member’s club is heritage-chic at its best. The Arts Club is harder to access than Britney’s spanx, but if you’re lucky enough to score one of those key members only invites, you’re soon sure to be pap’d stumbling into a cab with another of London’s ‘it’ girls in the early hours.

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New York Fashion Week Dates: 9-16 February

The Mondrian Hotel, New York, Soho

The Mondrian Hotel, New York, Soho

The New York Fashion Week Hotel: Mondrian Soho

The angelic blue and white interiors make walking into this Soho sleeperie feel like a dream, which is why the clued-in fashion executives keep coming back for more. As the tallest building in Soho, the Mondrian offers mesmerizing views of the city and is a measly few steps to the best retail therapy in town.

Brasilina, New York Brazilian restaurant

Brasilina, New York Brazilian restaurant

Best Restaurant For New York Fashion Week: Brasilina

Exposed brickwork and beamed interiors are synonymous with New York’s cool, laidback haunts, but this Hell’s Kitchen newcomer has done it with a Latin twist. Stressed out models are sure to be more interested in the maple syrup caipirinhas after a long day on the catwalk but country-style Brazilian food is on the menu too.

André Saraiva, Le Baron, New York Club

André Saraiva, Le Baron, New York

Fashion Week Party For NY Socialites: Le Baron

After two years in the making, this Parisian hotspot has finally opened its doors in New York. The club owner-cum-film director-cum-graffiti artist, André Saraiva, has (hardly surprisingly) managed to pull in the same crowd of heroin-chic artistes too. So his den feels more like a free loving house party than a profitable nightclub – as evidenced by the strict door policy. Be sure to turn up with your grumpiest face to get past the all-knowing security and into the city’s most coveted of parties.

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