Psychedelic Pop from Israel: Tel Aviv’s Boom Pam

As a little teaser to our brand spanking new Tel Aviv travel guide, we asked local, live music sensations, Boom Pam, to produce something of a sound guide too. Taking us on a musical whirlwind tour of Tel Aviv over the last fifteen years – with tracks that have influenced them both emotionally and artistically. This is their ‘sounds of the city’, Tel Aviv style.

Boom Pam’s unique blend of Mediterranean surf rock has been wowing crowds in their home-town of Tel Aviv for years. The trio’s mix of Balkan, Israeli and Greek roots are filtered out through their sounds. Utilising guitar, throbbing tuba bass, drums and traditional jaunty Middle-Eastern riffs, along with the speed of coastline rock, they create a ballsy sound, reminiscent of a swinging party in the heart of the exotic Kasbah. Add to that the evocative bubbling of a shisha pipe (as heard on Harlem Nocturne) paired with the wavy clang of an electric guitar and your bound to be own your own psychedelic trip through the Middle East’s culture and history.

The trio’s debut eponymous album, released under German imprint Essay Recordings and co-produced with DJ Shantel, went straight into the top ten on the European World Music Charts. Their second album, Puerto Rican Nights, again under Essay, was highly acclaimed too. But their third, Alakazam, which is due out under the Tel Aviv label, Audio Montage, next year is what people are waiting for.

Unpredictable and exciting, Boom Pam have brought psychedelic pop music from Israel right the way across the globe, taking in Europe, the US, Canada, Mexico and South America, including spots at Winnipeg Folk Festival, Global FEST, Montreal Jazz Festival, and the prestigious Texan schmooze, SXSW. The eclectic bunch have performed with the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, collaborated with the Balkan Beat Box and video artist and YouTube sensation Kutimen (best known for Thru-you). And now, here, they give us their guide to the Tel Aviv nightlife scene….

Boom Pam, Tel Aviv

Boom Pam, Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is becoming notorious for its 24-hour cosmopolitan lifestyle – from the beach to the bar is a sexy offering in a city. What are your top picks for a hedonistic weekend in your hometown?

1. Friday morning Humus in Abu Hassan (in Jaffa)

2. Surfing

3. Hanging indoors with friends

You’ve gigged all over Israel, taking in everything from private houses to the Philharmonic, but where are your favourite music venues in Tel Aviv?

House parties are always the best, but I can’t give you specific addresses and dates.

Music venues :

1. Levontin 7 – From punk rock to experimental African baroque through minimal techno parties and local Jazz

2. Ozen Bar – Indie Rock scene

Israel is often in the news, which could put people off visiting Tel Aviv. What would you say to anyone with this in mind?

The news doesn’t always give you the whole story. It is a war zone, but people are living and loving here as well. News is news – not an objective documentary about a place. People are people and not necessarily representing the government’s policy. Visiting Israel can be a big surprise for a visitor who learned about Israel from the news channels.

And last but not least – what are you looking forward to in 2012?

Looking forward for the end of the world in December 21st, it is going to be a hell of an event!



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  1. david scott

    Although I was dissapointed with the River Jordan It was not what I very well expected. It was over-commercialized and I think cheapened the whole experience. Israel is one beautiful country, Many times I have travelled in Israel. The Place and Society awestrucked me Though I am not a religious dude but i enjoyed the rich culture of the country. There a re lots of quality places to stay in Israel and it will cost you not that much. Israel has cozy hostel and hotels notable for its friendly and hospitable atmosphere.Food and party is as best as the western world could have. It is never been a hasle travelling in israel since the place has lots of good directions just abide off from unsafe places. Israel is a great place to go as a bachelor or with your family and i recomend it to you guys.

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