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Taking place in 1920’s Hollywood, silent film The Artist has wowed general public and critics alike, scooping awards at the Cannes Film Festival, Golden Globes, BAFTAs and more.

Focussing on the relationship between silent cinema and its more modern ‘talkie’ version, The Artist is the perfect mix of modern retro – a typical theme running throughout Hollywood, the venerable granddaddy of cinematic creativity.

As a nod to this delectable combination, we give you our own guide to Hollywood bars and clubs – complete with pictures of Hollywood’s nightlife today.

Soho House

Never before has an LA establishment unseated the Chateau Marmont as the go-to celebrity haunt, but the terraced rooftop that is the Soho House West Hollywood is arguably giving the Marmont a run for its money – not to mention its other, decadent little hideaways.

Soho House, Hollwood Bar, LA

Soho House, Hollwood Bar, LA

The Abbey Bar

West Hollywood’s epicentre of the gay cocktailing circuit.

The Abbey Bar, Hollywood, LA

The Abbey Bar, Hollywood, LA

The Spare Room

We didn’t think Los Angeles could get any sexier. But we were wrong. Enter The Spare Room – the cocktail bar and modern-day gambling parlour opened at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

The Spare Room, Hollywood Bar, LA

The Spare Room, Hollywood Bar, LA


It seems every season a new upscale A-list hotspot pops up in Hollywood. And Trousdale, the latest venture by nightlife magnate Brent Bolthouse, has popped. Get there while it’s hot.

Trousdale, Hollywood Bar, LA

Trousdale, Hollywood Bar, LA



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