So, Happy In Paris ?

While David Guetta has transcended the genre and become a household name, French touch owes its emergence as much to a select number of lesser-known DJs who’ve doggedly developed and promoted their passion over the last two decades. Of this select group, the style and success of Michael Canitrot stands out.

This DJ, producer and promoter has become an international star in his own right. Signed to the cool Hed Kandi label, Canitrot has enjoyed critical and chart acclaim – his biggest hit to date, You and I, has reached well over 200,000 YouTube views and counting. And he regularly plays in glamorous locations across the globe, often promoting his now twelve year old, So, Happy In Paris ? nights.

As if that wasn’t enough, he’s held the highly sought-after and prestigious role of Djing Les Marches at the Cannes Film Festival, and has been commissioned to deliver catwalk music for numerous high-profile luxury brands like of Dior, Versace and Prada.

Thankfully for us hedonists, he’s found time to chat music, So, Happy in Paris ?, and to give us this delicious little Parisian Sound Guide…

Michael Canitrot

Michael Canitrot, So, Happy In Paris ?

What would you say separates your So, Happy in Paris? nights from the rest?

The quality of the music is the most important thing. So, Happy in Paris ? is a glamorous concept but not bling bling pretentious. It’s like a massive family where folks come round, hang out and have an awesome time.

From Miami to Tokyo, more than 100 So, Happy in Paris? nights can be found in the world’s top nightclubs each year. What can we expect in 2012?

This year we’ll do something special in Paris and create one huge ass party! We’ll also bring the party vibes around the world – more clubs, more cities, with more people – it’s all we need to be happy!

Which up and coming French DJs of today are you most excited about?

There’s phenomenal talent here in France, with names like as Tristan Garner, Gregori Klosman, Michael Calfan, Alesia or Nico de Andrea, getting international kudos. These guys all have that deft French touch, mixing it up with the sounds of today and it sounds amazing. For me it’s our time, the time for a new generation. Let’s go Paris!

Le Matignon, Paris club

Le Matignon, Paris

Where would you recommend people go to get a true taste of this sound?

Queen Club is always a great place to party. Paris is littered with brilliant clubs, which really push the DJ and music, like Showcase and Maxim’s for example. And if you want an uber trendy venue, with hot girls and music, look no further than Raspoutine where my buddy, Fabrice Dayan graces the decks or Matignon with Nico de Andrea as their Resident DJ.

Where did you draw inspiration for your latest release White Escape? And can we expect any exciting collaborations, like the previous track with Ron Carroll, When You Got Love .

With White Escape or Blue Collision I wanted to create something more clubby, something you can play in a stadium and really crank up the volume! It was a different exercise but I was happy to see all the great feedback from various DJs, including Tiesto.

My next vocal single is almost finished and will be released in May, so for more info go on my facebook page.

Grazie, Pizza and cocktails in Paris

For pizza and cocktails in Paris go to Grazie

What are the hottest places that a hedonist can eat, drink and party in Paris right now?

For great food and ambience head to Grazie, which does the best pizza in Paris and drinks are never dull at the bar of Plaza Athénée and to party So, Happy in Paris ? of course!

Finally, outside of Paris, what’s your favourite city to DJ in?

Florianopolis in Brazil, Seoul or Warsaw. They’ve got the most craziest crowds in the world!



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