Stevie Parle on Food Home and Away

Stevie Parle, Dock Kitchen

Since being named one of the top young chefs by the Wall Street Journal, Dock Kitchen head chef Stevie Parle has been at the top of the ‘ones to watch’ list. This Spring, Stevie is taking his culinary expertise to Milan for the Spring Table pop-up restaurant, offering a menu inspired by traditional Italian and British fare. Hg2 got to sit down with the man himself to get the lowdown on what inspires the rising star.

How does it feel to have been chosen as one of the top young chefs in Europe by Wall Street Journal?

All those things, whether 5 stars form AA gill or the Young Chef of the Year by the Observer, they always make you feel honoured and slightly humbled. It’s great, especially when you have your head down working very hard.

You’re about to open the Spring Table pop-up in Milan – taking Italian cooking to the Milanese, could be a bit risky, couldn’t it?

Next year we might cook Italian food, this year, we will cook, light, salady, English food with Italian ingredients.  Almost as risky as Italian though, as British food still has such a bad reputation over there.

What is it about Italian cuisine that makes it so interesting and enjoyable to you?

I love Italian food. It’s the simplicity that really appeals to me. Italians are bold enough to put just one or two ingredients on a plate.

How has travel influenced your cooking, where in particular have you drawn influence from?

Travel influences me massivley, I have enjoyed food a lot in Beirut, South india, Tuscany and Provence.

Where have you eaten your most memorable meals?

My mum’s house

Which new openings are you particularly looking forward to over the next 12 months?

I’ve heard a lot of interesting murmurs but nothing really confirmed, London outposts from the great New Yorkers would be fun but I almost wish they would stay where they are! We have a lot of great home grown talent.

You can read more about Spring Table or book tickets here.

Read the London guide here.

Read the Milan guide here.

Dock Kitchen, London


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