#FriFotos: Earth Day

Hello Friday. Welcome to a new regular feature here on Hg2 Magazine: #FriFotos. A Twitter forum started by Jonathan Epstein of @EpsteinTravels, every Friday people from across the globe gather on Twitter to share their favorite images on a given weekly theme. This will be Hg2’s first time participating in #FriFotos and we have plans to do a regular photo blog incorporating the weekly theme. You can always follow @Hg2 on Twitter to keep up with our goings on, too.

This Sunday – April 22 – is Earth Day and so the theme of #FriFotos today is accordingly “Earth Day”. Since we here at Hg2 are fairly city-oriented, we thought we’d celebrate all that is natural and wonderful by choosing photos of parks, gardens or other natural surrounds from some of the cities we cover. Thanks are owed to the amazing Flickr photographers who took these shots and made them available through Creative Commons.

Almaty - Tian Shan Mountains. Photo: Flickr user dnevillThe Zailiyski Alatau Mountains are part of the Tian Shan range near Almaty in Kazakhstan.

Barcelona Beach. Photo: Adam Wyles.It’s difficult to beat a deserted beachfront in Barcelona just after sunrise.

Beihai Park, Beijing. Photo: Flickr user mal-bBeihai Park is a beautiful place to escape the incessant smog in Beijing.

Beirut Pigeons Rock. Photo: Flickr user upyernozThe Rock of Raouché, aka Pigeons’ Rock, is a popular place to watch the sunset in Beirut.

Penguins Cape Town. Photo: JenniKate Wallace

African penguins waddling ashore at Simons Kloof near Cape Town.

Dubai Mall Aquarium. Photo: Flickr user salis-City-bound nature can be found in unlikely places, like here: the Dubai Mall Aquarium.

Greenwich Park Sunset. Photo: Megan Eaves

Nature is never very far away here in London, but Greenwich Park may just be the city’s most beautiful green space.

Lions Mumbai. Photo: sujit jagdale

The Sanjay Gandhi National Park, located in a northern suburb of Mumbai, is home to a rich array of plants and animals.

Prospect Park, New York. Photo: Ed Yourdon

One of New York‘s lesser known green spaces, Prospect Park in Brooklyn.

Zermatt - Matterhorn. Photo: Martin Abegglen

One of the world’s most recognisable peaks, the Matterhorn, overlooks Zermatt in the Swiss Alps.

Tokyo Garden. Photo: Flickr user quantz

Japanese gardens are among the most refined on earth, and the Koukyo Higashi Garden in Tokyo is no exception.


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