Frantzén/Lindeberg: One to Watch

[tweetmeme] With the World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards just around the corner, we’re getting hungry. Very hungry. We recently chatted with René Redzepi of Copenhagen’s Noma, a restaurant that has been at the top of the list for the past couple of years, and we’re eager to see if this Danish hotspot continues to hold its own this year.


A little further north in Stockholm, another new(ish) kid on the block is making a splash: Frantzén/Lindeberg. The brainchild of Björn Frantzén and Daniel Lindeberg, this concept restaurant’s premise is quite simple: food made from whatever ingredients that turn up on the day. A very basic idea, indeed, yet one that many restaurants seem unable to cope with.

Frantzén/Lindeberg lingers just under the top 50 in the world (which, really, is no small feat) but they’re being noticed. The World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards has named the two-Michelin-starred eatery the “One to Watch” in 2012. Free form style seems to be paying off.

Unusual ingredients often form part of the ever-changing menus here. In fact, you probably won’t ever eat the same thing twice, as Björn and Daniel make up the recipes on the fly based on whatever they can get their hands on that day. Frantzén/Lindeberg now also has two private gardens where they farm all their own fruit and veg, while meats and cheeses are sourced from local farmers and producers. Wines also come from small producers and are often paired specifically for the day’s meals by the restaurant’s sommelier, Jon Ramnek Lacotte.


It’s really the element of surprise, of arriving with no idea what you’ll eat, that makes Frantzén/Lindeberg so special. It asks the customers to relinquish their role as consumer and to trust the chef to produce something that will wow and astonish.

We enjoyed this video, which gives a bit of insight into the boys behind it all and how Frantzén/Lindeberg pulls of their unique operation.


Lilla Nygatan 21
111 28 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46 (0)8 20 85 80

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