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Guest blogger Hatty Copeman brings us some great suggestions on the best delicacies to eat in Barcelona. And be sure to check out the full Hg2 Barcelona city guide for more travel inspiration.

Nestled between the Collserola mountain range and the Mediterranean, Barcelona’s cuisine is diverse and enjoys excellent seafood, fish, meat, poultry and vegetables. These staples are traditionally eaten with a sauce, such as romesco, which is made from olive oil, garlic, almonds, tomatoes and vinegar. Most of the sauces are a combination of nuts, vegetables, olive oil and garlic. It’s also typical in Barcelona to mix meat and seafood, which is locally referred to as mar i muntanya, meaning ‘sea and mountain’: a fitting reference to the city’s location.

Bolet mushrooms

Photo: Procsilas Moscas

The Catalans are mad about mushrooms. So much so that every autumn, people migrate to Berga, the Spanish mushroom capital for the Festa del Bolet mushroom festival. Bolet mushrooms in particular are a Catalan delicacy and can be bought at the Boqueria market on Las Ramblas. Bolet mushrooms are traditionally fried in garlic and parsley and served with meat, such as cured pork.


Photo: Paul Lowry

Pork is very prevalent in Catalonia, as the region is one of Spain’s main swine-raising areas. Longaniza, a finely textured, long, thin, paprika spiced and cured sausage is a Catalan delicacy. This pork treat can be enjoyed as tapas on pam tomaquet: fresh tomato squashed on bread with olive oil and garlic. Quality longanizas are available at Barcelona’s Mercat Santa Catarina, an indoor market in the Born district.


Photo: Kai Hendry

Fish is ubiquitous in Barcelona and Monkfish – a dense, sweet, white fish – is a local delicacy. It goes very well with spinach, creamy potatoes and almonds. You can find excellent quality Monkfish at the La Paradeta fish market in Borne.


Photo: Flickr user NetDiva

Shrimp is another of Barcelona’s delicacies sourced from the Mediterranean. The best way to enjoy this subtle, sweet shellfish is – as the locals put it – Gambas Al Ajillo, which literally translates as ‘Shrimp with Garlic’. The fish market in the Boqueria on Las Ramblas sells the freshest shrimp in the city.

Artichoke Hearts

Photo: Victoria Reay

During the autumn, artichoke hearts are an unmissable delicacy to have in Barcelona. This green, nutty vegetable can be relished as part of a risotto, with lots of garlic, parmesan and parsley. To find the finest quality artichoke hearts, go to Mercat Del Ninot in Eixample.


Photo: Misty Hay

When spring has sprung, calçots are an unusual Barcelona delicacy to discover. This onion variation is ideally cooked until it’s slightly cindered and then added to a tomato, pepper, mint and nut sauce and served with fish or meat. It’s a very versatile vegetable and it’s also often used in stews and salads. The best place to find calçots in Barcelona is at the Boqueria market, where they are sold in packs of 24.

Hatty Copeman is a freelance travel journalist from London and currently based in Barcelona, where she writes about cities art, music, food and places to see from an insider’s point-of-view. Find her at hattycopeman.com or on Twitter @hattycopeman


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  1. mrsoaroundtheworld

    Had some delicious monkfish, shrimps (oh my God!) and also sobrasada, a type of sausage.. still haven’t managed to get the courage to try some calçots again!! but i will, one day!

  2. 5 out of 6 look and sound great….. but it might take a couple of bottles of wine before I try that Monkfish….

    • @Bo – the monkfish is much tastier than it looks. Well worth a try (I’d recommend the wine anyway, though, just for fun!).

      @cuminseeds – Yes, Catalan food is to die for. Not sure about where to get longaniza or bolet in London but we’ll do some research. Highly recommend the trip back anyway! Are you on Twitter? Find us @Hg2 and we’ll tweet you back about London.

      • Thanks that’s so kind. If you do come across a supplier that would be ace, I am already following you on twitter. In the meantime, will continue to dream about barcelona and its yummy food!

  3. A great reminder on how scrumptious Catalan food is. Longaniza and Bolet are delicious – any ideas where I can source them in London? Or maybe I should take it as an excuse for a trip back to Barcelona!

  4. All sound great – but I am a big fan of Monkfish which IS tastier than it looks!

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