FriFotos: Floral ubanity

Flowers are something that all human beings seem to love, although everywhere you go, you’ll find different species more beloved than others. And every culture has its own way of loving and displaying flowers. In light of this week’s #FriFotos theme on Twitter, which is of course “Flowers”, we decided to round up some beautiful pictures of flowers and the way they’re celebrated in some of Hg2s favourite cities. And be sure to follow us @Hg2 on Twitter for more fun and hedonistic madness.

Flowers on a balcony in Milan. Photo: Angelo Amboldi

Beautiful red flowers displayed on a balcony in Milan.

Flowers at the Summer Palace in Beijing. Photo: David Baron.

A typically Beijing scene: orange flowers blossoming near a historic bridge shrouded in mist at the ancient Summer Palace.

Morning glory in Toronto. Photo: Cassandra Jowett.

A perfect morning glory overlooks downtown Toronto from a balcony.

Flowers in a Mumbai rickshaw. Photo: Satish Krishnamurthy.

Flowers represent safety and peace for a rickshaw driver in Mumbai.

Bogota Flower Market. Photo: Flickr user janeyhenning.

The Paloquemao open-air flower market in Bogota.

Flower fountain in Central Park, New York. Photo: Ralph Hocken.

A grand New York flower arrangement in Central Park.

Coloured floral tiles inside Istanbul's Topkapi Palace. Photo: Quinn Dombrowski

Beautiful coloured floral tiles inside the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul.

Flower Power Cafe, Marrakech

The Flower Power Cafe inside the Casa Botanica in Marrakech serves organic food amidst a working greenhouse.

Flowers in the Ritz-Carlton, Miami. Photo: Bob B. Brown

Floral arrangement in the lobby of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Miami.

Damascus glass flower beads. Photo: Amer Jazaerly

Glass flower beads vended from bowls in Damascus.

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