Krafty Kuts Speaks Out

DJ/producer Krafty Kuts is no stranger to success. Since launching his career in the mid-90s, the Brighton-based artist has worked with the likes of Norman Cook and Freddy Fresh and his music has been featured on a Coca Cola advert, PlayStation 2 and Guy Richie’s ‘Mean Machine’. In 2006, DJ Magazine awarded Krafty ‘single of the year’ and in 2010, he won Best Compilation at the Breakspoll Awards. On his forthcoming album, Krafty Kuts teams up with Dynamite MC on ‘Pounding’, a track that really lives up to its name.

Hg2 was lucky enough to chat with Krafty Kuts about the new album, his favourite party spots around the world and his obsession with James Brown.

Krafty Kuts DJ

Which artists first inspired you to get into music? Who was the first person who made you realise ‘ I could do that’?

After listening to and watching Cashmoney win the DMC World DJ finals, I knew my path had been set and it was DJing. I was smitten by a bug to search for the perfect beat, learn the history of hip-hop – my mission to become a DJ. Practise beat juggling and scratching records and become the next Jazzy Jeff, Cashmoney, Cutmaster Swift.

What’s it been like to work with MC Dynamite and how did that come about?

Having been a big fan of his Drum and Bass work with Roni Size and Hip Hop flavours with the Nextmen, Dynamite MC was one of my favourite UK vocalists. It was a mission to get him on one of my tracks and after a long time I found the right moment to approach him and have never looked back. Out of all the vocalists I work with, Dominic is the most professional. Always dedicated, quick and on point.  It is a pleasure working with such a talented artist who has never let me down.

If you could collaborate with anyone, living or dead, who’d it be?

James Brown. He was the funk soul brother and I have loved and been inspired by so much of his work over the years.

Where in the world are you at the moment. What are you doing there?

Just coming back from a Festival in Tampa, Florida (my first of the year) and it was  great start 1000’s of people turned up in the 100-degree heat.

You have a big following in Australia and are obviously no stranger to Aussie shores:  how did you first ‘break’ Australia and what is it about Australia that makes it such a good place for music?

I started touring with Fuzzy a few years back and just kept plugging away, bringing something new and fresh to the audiences and eventually it just clicked. Australia was like the home of breaks and people just loved the variety and funkiness of the grooves & baselines. After some big festival shows – Field Day, Parklife, Big Day Out, Splendour In The Grass, Summerdayze, Breakfest – my profile kept on growing and growing and I was playing to thousands of people. It was the perfect way to showcase my styles and when the Tricka Technology LP came out with A.Skillz, it was crazy. The weather always helps but also great promoters and cool locations for venues made for the parties to be memorable. The whole picture was just perfect. It fell into place  at the right time and the momentum is still going strong.

Can you give some advice for visiting hedonists on the best places to party in Australia?

There are so many cool venues and parties to head to but my favourite events are Breakfest (Amphitheatre) on Perth Boxing Day, Field Day on New Years Day in Sydney and Summafieldayze in Gold Coast. Villa Nightclub in Perth is an amazing club (and my personal favourite club in the world).

Where are some of the most memorable venues you’ve played at? What’s the best city for playing live in your opinion?

I have so many great memories from Oz like the Big Day Out in Brisbane, Field Day spinning to 20,000 people in Sydney on New Year’s Day, Breakfest in Perth with A.Skillz all of these events are so incredible in different ways. Brisbane has an amazing energy but Perth just tips it for me recently. It really is a special place and people just get crazy and party hard.

If you were going to show someone around London for the first time, where would you take them out to party?

Fabric is a unique club with three cool rooms and an amazing variety of musical flavours guaranteed to get ya head nodding. Rooms 1 & 2 just have incredible sound systems that take things to another dimension.

Where would you love to go one day that you’ve never visited before?

Japan. I’ve always wanted to go there but it just seems like bad luck or timing when shows are put together. Everyone tells me how amazing it is so, yes, Japan for me …please!

We’re digging Krafty’s new ‘Pounding’ video. Check it out:


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