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Tired of popping out the plastic every time you travel? There may be a fix for that. The Clarion Hotel in eternally-edgy Stockholm has started accepting art in exchange for hotel rooms. The premise here is pretty simple: bring in art, get free rooms. Catches? Well, of course but only sort of. The ‘art’ can actually be anything from a masterpiece by an upcoming master to a squiggle by the wannabe next Monet, just so long as it fits on an A4 sheet of paper. The only real catch to the deal is that the offer is capped at a two-night stay in exchange for the work, which still to our minds seems pretty damn good.

Room for Art, Clarion Hotel Stockholm

According to the hotel’s PR manager, the idea came from the Clarion’s general manager, whose grandfather was an artist, some of whose paintings were hanging in the Chelsea Hotel in New York City before it closed down. This inspired the manager to create the initiative at the Clarion. The hotel will keep the works but, for them, the idea isn’t so much to get free artwork as it is to create an atmosphere that appreciates artists and draws them to mix together.

Clarion Hotel Stockholm

Room for Art launched last week to great success, and the Clarion has already seen a number of bookings paid for with artwork. If you fancy yourself the next Picasso, or if you just want a free room, all you have to do is fill out a form on the hotel’s website stating some simple info about the artist and the work, and then email the hotel for reservations. Oh, and of course, you’ll actually have to create that masterpiece…

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