Across the Rooftops | Hg2 FRIFOTOS

You never know what theme Mr. Epstein is going to come up with for the weekly #FriFotos Twitter meme, and this week we were excited to find out that it’s “ROOFTOPS”. As always, we love to tie in our favourite Hg2 cities with our FriFotos post, and today we’re relying on the wonderful people of Flickr for beautiful pictures of rooftops.

Zurich rooftops. Photo by Andrew Eland.

Sunset rooftops in Zurich.

Beijing rooftops. Photo by Vera Jean-Christophe

Golden upturned eaves of the rooftops in the Forbidden City in Beijing.

Miami rooftops. Photo by Flickr user AlPie

The view from a Miami rooftop is slightly different…

Dubai rooftops. Photo by Jay Tamboli.

Some very very tall rooftops – Dubai.

Rootop Pool New Orleans. Photo by Flickr user Vxla.

The beautiful rooftop pool at the Westin Canal Place in New Orleans.

Lisbon rooftops. Photo: Bert Kaufmann.

Panorama of the beautiful red rooftops of Lisbon.

Buenos Aires skyline sunset. Photo: Beatrice Murch.

An incredible, flaming sun setting over the rooftops of Buenos Aires.

Tokyo roof football soccer. Photo: Amy Ross.

They have a rooftop football pitch in Tokyo.

Prague rooftops. Photo: Vin Crosbie.

Red tiled rooftops of perhaps some of the most beautiful buildings in the world – Prague.

Be sure to check out all of our Hg2 city guides for advice on the best rooftop bars, clubs and parties around the world. 


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